World From the 4th Dimension

The report read: “Bashar al Assad, president of Syria a malefic conqueror with his friend Putin, of Russia is as if they’re in cohesion with a few madmen from the 4th Dimension, who are friends in world conquest, lest the chief referred to as Mordieu, whose plans for the sector conquest became to start in Syria, and could make Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde appear to be armatures.” Said professor Evens, professor at Los Wanaka University, in Huancayo Peru, for ‘World New Reports’ (February 20th, 2016.)

From World News Reports, March, 20th, 2016, by Professor Chick Evens (Bacterium Biologist), “Should you circulate approximately in Syria you may see 350,000-much less population, those shapes of people: men, women, and youngsters and the elderly were not long in the past alive now corpses of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Because he has refused the UN’s resolution 2254 for peace talks, he’s at once answerable for all those lives, to consist of 11.5 million displaced Arabs, no longer to be had to live in their houses, brief of water, electric powered, and food, at the same time as he bathes in consolation with is the pal in crime, Putin from Russia, who now has an army base in Syria.

Also, 4.5 million Arabs have reduced throughout Europe and stay in Turkey, on its shorelines and inland, and al-Assad and Putin’s Russia are hitting airstrikes on hospitals. What is subsequent? Is there no meaning to existence within their souls? And a number of the Greek islands are full of refugees. Some 12 nations are involved, including America, France, England, Turkey, Russia, the Saudis, the Syrian Rebels, Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Qatar, the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front, both terrorist corporations, all concerned inside the struggle. All-in struggle tools, as the Russians bomb indiscriminately, and as soon as captured tortured, without consideration, which includes waterboarding, outlawed by way of the global legal guidelines of humanity.


And now we were given a faction from a few international chiefs from outer space involved, out of a few aircraft of the 4th Demission, he is known as Malik Taurus, but his legit call is Mordieu; al-Assad has reached across the border and made touch with the fourth plane, a new reservoir of forces that will permit him to overrun Syria, and the sector with Russia if no longer stopped. And you’ll assume our President Obama could be in hysteria over this, but he is like a human who’s helpless in existence’s grip; quietly, slowly, inexorably, he watches these unnecessary murderers keep and maintain, as he sleeps unburdened.”

(Interlude: Syria once a rebel, in 2012, now warfare, 2016, previous to 2012, in 2011, turned into protests that erupted throughout Syria. The development is super, in that bombing began in 2013, inflicting lots of casualties. Then in 2015, Russia’s intervention inside the conflict takes area. Now on this yr of 2016, ‘the Year of the Monkey’, the photo in Syria receives bleaker; with their government’s new strategy: ‘starve or surrender… Leaving 350,000-people eliminated from the humanitarian useful resource.)

Said the newspaper interviewer, Miss Hoffmann, “Professor Evens, how do we forestall it?”

Miss,” said the professor, “if I told you one man commenced the First World War, chargeable for eight million deaths, and one guy ought to have stopped it, and Genghis Khans’ march at some point of Europe might have been stopped using one guy, who changed into accountable for the demise of 25-million lives, and that al-Assad, president of Syria, is, however, one man in the same class, is, however, one man detached to dying, and human sorrow could, if he wanted to, stop the Syrian war, that has killed 300,000 inhabitants, along with his reckless sweep of bombardments and bombings and his army forces, amongst such a lot of imparting their inconsistencies to which I am certain al-Assad loves to garnish his enamel on the Americans looking to assist, and the French and Turks, and the Syrian Rebels who are the reliable resistance regarding his regime, if you had the strength and approach to stop it, could you

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