The one global Order – a way to comply with Its Tracks

But giving the several races returned their independence turned into no longer the final object. The United States robbed the Americans negative at the same time as giving illegally accrued tax finances by way of the hundreds of billions to these kinds of colonies. That in itself isn’t always terrible and the One World Order conspirators were relying on us believing that retaining our heads in the dust. Money is never given without a burden attached to the money. Your tax greenbacks offered obedience from some of these newly formed governments. They have become puppets of America and the bankers because each one of the international locations defaulted on their contracts, and as a consequence enslaved themselves to the worldwide economic establishments of authority that manipulate the disbursement and controls the funds.


The global bankers also gave the freed American colonies cash after the signing of the Constitution this is because the Constitution held cleverly misleading clauses in it that the bankers at a later time ought to exploit to slowly advantage control over the affairs of the people, and all of the nation and federal governments. That money offered them the enslavement of the American people. The Constitution changed into hailed overload by using the government because the great arrangement ever seen within the history of the sector. The human beings had been brainwashed to consider that the Constitution becomes a treatment-all. It was just another entice for the American humans to walk into huge-eyed. I believe the real cause for the inclusion of the amendments to the Constitution changed into to provide a precedent to the conspirators to alternate the Constitution such that it has become a prison sentence instead of a proclamation of liberty.

That is what the Constitution is the nowadays-a prison sentence of enslavement. The people and governments of those freed colonies have been not given the proper to establish their very own form of presidency and have been not given the right to freely pattern their shape of government consistent with both a capitalist or communist plan of order, or to even shape their own political system based totally on religion, philosophy or ideology. America fought any authorities within the world that become now not recovery to the dictates of the One World Order and that, in some way, couldn’t be subverted by means of the CIA. We can see this technique really at work these days in Iraq. America is putting in a puppet authorities in Iraq; one in an effort to track consistent with the dictates of the One World Order conspirators. The United States has continually been an aggressor and global dictator global client solutions scam.

The communists had been right that the capitalist’s share of government in America is an imperialist beast gm global connect. The American people are as guilty because of the politicians. The Constitution demands that the people guard the Constitution (after all, it became written by using “We, the People”) and it can’t be left for the authorities to govern its own boundaries. Bankers’ propaganda fed thru authorities channels led us to trust that the Constitution turned into in top form and in desirable palms. People are dreamers if you need a hire for your canine, you do no longer allow the canine determine if and when to position it on. The canine might never be on the hire. But America authorities made the human beings believe that authorities should style and manipulate its very own leash and to apply it at its very own discretion. It made a leash from the Constitution that had three hundred,000,000 collars and it changed into the authorities who held the leash and it put all the people on this newly designed leash global industrial supply.

How can people be so dumb to allow their servant to end up the grasp by means of believing all of the lies it tells them? It is because the government (the adversary of the Constitution) constantly makes use of deceitful propaganda (this is propaganda that makes government seem like an angel and the human beings as mere undisciplined loads), and loads of people trust it. The government can set one party towards another and because the events fight and snarl about the issuing government secretly walks away with the prize. The purpose of the Amazon my orders One World Order is to corral the human beings of the sector in a single big pen and to do with them because of the owners of the pen, please. We will do scientific studies for the government; we can enforce armies and police forces which can be secretly arraigned in opposition to the human beings, any humans anywhere on the planet, and to combat government’s wars to in addition tighten the grip the One World Order has over its enslaved loads. The important purpose of presidency propaganda is to set parties of the populace (and it does no longer depend on how these events are constituted) in opposition to every other to fight artificially created opposing problems in order that authorities can come to be the arbitrator and makes the selection for the human beings. This is the Panera order online excellent pitfall of democracy.

Democracy without a doubt does no longer work to sell liberty. Democracy is the vilest weapon authorities has over the people by means of which it could constantly defeat the functions of liberty. Some 98% of the population must never be allowed to utter an opinion clearly because they do now not have a legitimate opinion and never could have one. So, no matter what device of presidency we installed location, the slick political manipulators will usually be able to set a few birthday celebration An in opposition to a few other party B and after tons debate and release of indignant and pent-up emotions with the aid of the human beings government will take the prerogative check my Amazon order status away from the humans. I have been telling you over and again, human lifestyles is hell, and for us it’s far nonetheless best the portals of hell, however, while one continues paying attention to politicians and the clergy–any religious clergy, you will now not be capable of getting into communion with the spirit of Jesus, our authentic god who, against famous ideals instilled via clergy, is the arch-enemy of Jehovah, the falsely proclaimed true god. Jehovah made us accept as true with he’s the true God and uses the identical kind of shenanigans that bankers use to be a new god over us-deceit this is camouflaged to appear to be real and for our suitable but always is a vicious political or spiritual lure that ensnares us deeper and deeper into the internet.


Another motive of the wars and steps in the conspirators’ plans is to carry hordes of aliens of different pores and skin color, custom, and faith into this u. S . For the motive of annihilating the hated white race. The white race is scheduled to be made extinct with the aid of assimilating them into the gene pools of the dark-skinned races as we are able to now plainly see taking place in America and Europe. There is not any doubt that this procedure is in progress all over the international. Dark-skinned communities are cropping up within the maximum not going locations which include Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia–lands that by no means held any colonies but at the moment are strained with alien population organizations which can simplest mongrelize all of the races in these countries through the years. Another enforce of the One World Order is the supposed struggle the Arabs are preventing against the Jews, America, and European countries high school track event order.

These Arab wars are One-World-Order-instigated and planned events to corral the Arabs into the One World Order. The One World Order conspiracy has usually been combating the Arabs. America and Jews are the aggressor’s there-both participants of the One World Order conspiracy. Let’s face it, you would no longer place cats and puppies in a single cage and you do not position Jews inside the midst of very spiritual Muslim Arabs. The introduction of the Israel nation (colony) in Muslim controlled lands was planned to do exactly what’s going on within the Mideast today. The One World Order conspirators are solidly in the saddle there too. The whole state of affairs is intending precisely as deliberate. Most of the wars fought inside the overdue 1990 and the twenty-first century became fought beneath NATO. NATO become set up as a forth float of the 2d WW (also a deliberate event). The acronym stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” track & field news.

Most nations and peoples towards which US forces were hired had been masses of miles far from the North Atlantic-they were not even European in positive cases, and NATO changed into used as an excuse to visit warfare. This sort of manipulation of the rationale and of use of our defense force ought to forestall. We have a central authority run amok, and simplest the people with force and courage can reestablish control over the monster. Do or die! NATO is just one of the many departments within the established order of the One World Order. It has no countrywide safety cause. It is used against the Americans. The election of Obama (Muslim) is a One World Order deliberate occasion, even though the general public of human beings accept as true with they put him in office that’s what smart propaganda does to human beings. I believe that America is an impartial state and the humans should restrict the authorities from forming treaties with different international locations. It is the meant obligatory nature of international treaties that pressure us into wars. The 1st WW changed into an outflow of a navy treaty. Germany became pressured through treaty to join Austria in a conflict in opposition to England and France. If that is the real outcome of a treaty, we must make a modification to the now plenty denigrated Constitution that authorities may not shape treaties of a navy nature and ought to dissolve any treaty now in impact.

The One World Order wants to recognize what you are doing and sporting when you are at work, at home, for your automobile, or even in your leisure boat or aircraft. When you tour you ought to subject your self to frame searches. I, once, playfully rotated whilst going via the electronic body checker in Bent, Oregon. I changed into forced to undergo the device again even though there has been no sign. I did the same factor again after which they ordered me right into a corner and left me standing there for 25 minutes. I almost lost my plane connection. On the identical journey (this turned into four years ago) in Salt Lake City, we have been prepared to enter the terminal to check in and we had been shanghaied on the sidewalk outdoor the terminal. Two human beings in civilian clothes grabbed my hand and scanned my hand with a few kind of sniffer and then brutally did the identical to my wife. How can we recognize who such individuals are?


They could have sprayed poison into our palms. There turned into no politeness in the method in any way and they did not perceive themselves. This, parents are bureaucratic harassment in opposition to, supposedly, unfastened humans. No! I resent government and I cannot wait to cast off the criminals working in the back of and through it. Physical life is hell. It is Jehovah’s doing that we as souls consider being people and all-around sad people at that. There is no happiness to be found in the world and if you believe exceptional the deceivers have you securely of their internet of spiritual propaganda deceit. To comply with the tracks of the One World Order conspiracy all you need to do is look back to what has happened to liberty and freedom in the United States and the first-rate range of taxes we are challenged to The one global Order – a way to comply with Its Tracks.

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