Summer safety tips for motorcyclists, drivers


GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – As the temperature keeps to upward push this summer time, so do the variety of bikes on the road. Be certain you already know a way to live secure in case you’re using one, or in case you’re driving close to one!

WZZM thirteen asked Grand Rapids Community College Bike Safety Instructor Steven Lick to share a few pointers on how to live secure while using, in addition to what drivers ought to be on the appearance out for.

Watch the entire interview within the video above.

Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

Ever greater famous, however very risky, bike riding may be very common in many states. Following are a few guidelines that are presented to be able to offer useful traffic protection records. While some of the hints are not an unusual experience, different factors are vital to check:

Lane Splitting

One of the riskiest and disruptive actions of motorcycle riders is lane splitting. This is also known as lane sharing or filtering. Some states have complicated laws, neither allowing or prohibiting a motorcyclist sharing a lane with other motors going within the equal within the equal direction within the equal lane. Extreme caution has to be used as a biker participating in lane splitting. All it takes is for a vehicle to pull out all at once into every other lane and a critical damage accident is a result.

Motorcycle Helmets

California has a bike helmet law, enacted in 1992. While really debatable, it is a requirement for every motorcycle rider to have a compliant helmet. A helmet is one of the great types of safety in case of a motorcycle crash. Helmets are designed to take in the effect of a crash, and with any luck lessen the injuries after a motorbike coincidence.

Keep Safety in Mind

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It is the obligation of each driver and motorcyclists to preserve safe motorway surroundings. Common feel would tell any driving force to be alert and courteous while touring on streets and especially freeways. Keep a secure distance at the back of any vehicle in front of you. Use the 2 2nd rule, staying at the back of whatever is in the front of you. Always wear both a helmet and different defensive equipment. Obviously, do no longer ever experience whilst beneath the impact of alcohol or pills.

While at the Road

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Don’t velocity! A motorbike collision is more likely than a car crash to reason extreme injury or death. Realize that most drivers cannot see you, be privy to blind spots in vehicles and vehicles specifically. Weather conditions, street situations, and traffic can all aspect into the purpose of a motorbike crash.

Know Your Bike

Before you head out on the roadways, make sure you’ve got practiced and recognize your motorcycle nicely. Many motorbike crash victims comprehend they could have been capable of keep away from the twist of fate if they have been extra acquainted with their motorcycle. Practice rapid preventing, accelerating, turning and swerving.

Have You Received Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident?

If you have got suffered accidents after a motorbike coincidence, are seeking for on the spot medical care. You won’t comprehend how seriously you’ve got been injured. Internal accidents are not unusual and can be lethal. Don’t attempt to settle with an insurance company on your own. Contact a skilled bike accident lawyer for a preliminary loose consultation to talk about your ability motorbike collision lawsuit. Your Newport motorcycle collision lawyer could be capable of excellent constitute you and attain a truthful settlement.