Hauser: Tips for becoming a good connector

A few years lower back, a brand new eating place opened in Fargo-Moorhead (I know, surprising). On Thursdays that they had a buy one, get one free unique on a popular food item. My wife and I began going there on Thursdays, and we brought many others to this restaurant.

On Thursday, while we came to pay the gal at the register, she stated, “Starting quickly, to be able to get the unique, you may order drinks.” I failed to capture what she said fully, so I requested her a query. Her manager spoke up and said, “Yeah, for the remaining year, we have not made any money on Thursdays, so we’re at a minimum going to make all people buy a drink.

Was that properly leadership? No! He failed to think about how that could sound to a devoted customer who tells others approximately his eating place. What I heard become, “You are reasonably-priced and costing us cash when you come on Thursdays.”

What if he had said this: “We love strolling this special and the numerous customers who are available on Thursdays. They are clearly telling others about us. We want to maintain jogging this special, so the manner we can do that is via asking humans to buy a beverage with the unique.” Would that be accurate leadership? Yes! The equal message can be given two approaches; one way ignores connecting; the opposite manner contains it.


Last Sunday, I promised to share the 4 questions all people following you are silently asking you. These four questions are the important thing to connecting with others.

The 4 keywords shape the acrostic “CHAT”: care, help, admit, accept as true with. Here are the four questions:

• Do you surely care approximately me? Or am I a responsibility or away to a quiet? When am I around you? Is it clean that I remember to you? Do you pay attention?

• Would you help me if I need it? Leadership way selflessly serving others, meeting their valid wishes even if it’s miles inconvenient. You can not do the entirety for everyone. However, you could always do something for a person. The purpose is to regularly do for one what you would love to do for all.

• Do you authentically admit your errors? Our clients, children, and personnel no longer anticipate us to be ideal, but they’re watching to look if we admit our errors. When we do not, we purpose distance among and lose acceptance as true with those around us.

• Can I believe you? Do you do what you assert you’ll do? Do you assert what you want to to get what you want? Do you put a “spin” on your conversations, or are you authentically and lovingly honest?

Effective leaders need to learn to emerge as awesome connectors, now not to become a better chief, but people genuinely matter. How are you doing at connecting with the ten humans you hope will circle your hospital mattress as it slows here in the world ends? What can you do these days to “CHAT” with them?

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So You’ve Decided To Have A Garage Sale!

So you are considering having a garage sale. They are a super way to smooth out litter or to discard items you no longer use or can put on, but there is some stuff you need to keep in mind beforehand. The first aspect you need to do is touch your City Clerk’s Office for a allow. All municipalities require that you obtain a permit. Permits are to be had for a small fee and are valid for five consecutive days.

The City Clerk’s Office should have a Garage Sale Ordinance which you should take some time to familiarize yourself with. The ordinance will include the length of the storage sale, placement of signs, signs, show of products, hindrance of sales, and penalties. All of these things are essential because your failure to conform with the town ordinance ought to result in your signs and symptoms being confiscated to you being discovered of a misdemeanor, and a $500.00 first-rate or imprisonment in jail.

One of the matters I found useful in having a successful garage sale is advertising and marketing in a neighborhood newspaper. In your ad, even list a number of your correct items, which you assume will capture someone’s eye. You may say it truly is expensive. Well, No longer clearly because the profit you’re making out of your income will cover your ad. It’s really worth getting the extra advertisement in preference to simply relying on the storage sale signs you submit in the community.

You’d be amazed at the people who read the newspaper advertisements for garage income. If you could discover different forms of a commercial like a store or work bulletin board, that is also top. Another component this is essential in having a successful garage sale is to have a few accurate items. Don’t simply have damaged or old and stained gadgets. If you’ve got huge gadgets, like a settee or bedroom set, you may take pix and show them or display a signal announcing that the item is to be had on the market.

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