Checkbook mag: Tips for a way to pick out a roof artisan, computer, or vehicle repair store

Need to pick a contractor to install a brand new roof? Thinking approximately shopping for a new laptop? Need to discover a car restore store that does an amazing process, however, doesn’t rate outrageous fees?

If so, the Spring/Summer 2017 problem of Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook offers records that will help you make choices to find the exceptional organizations.

Here are highlights from articles that give ratings on organizations and history records:


If you don’t choose the right roof artisan, you may become paying plenty extra than you need to or the task might be shoddy. Get bids from at least three businesses. One of jobs Checkbook’s mystery shoppers got bids on ranged from $4,873 to $eight,510. Get copies of the manufacturer’s and corporation’s warranties. Make preparations to pay for the work as overdue inside the method as feasible.


Buying a pc may be complicated. Be certain to examine charges. Checkbook’s undercover shoppers determined that some shops on average charge as a good deal as 20 percent greater than their competitors. Among the retailers contacted, Amazon and MexTag had the lowest charges, with Google Shopping, Yahoo! Shopping, and Costco because of the runners up. Before you buy, assume cautiously approximately what you want. Check performance, features, and expenses for several manufacturers. Get a guarantee. Pay with a credit score card. Don’t purchase prolonged warranties.


Auto repair

Choosing an awesome auto repair keep is the key to saving cash and averting hassles. Checkbook found that on common, shops operated through non-sellers had decrease charges and had been more likely to fulfill customers than new-automobile-dealer stores. To update a water pump, Checkbook’s thriller customers observed that estimates ranged from $269 to $854. Check shops’ exertions prices. On average, the better the exertions charge, the better the restore rate. Either get a written estimate in advance or write on the restore price tag that no paintings are to be accomplished with out the client’s approval based totally on a written estimate. Pay with the aid of credit card. If the car nonetheless isn’t proper after it’s picked up, notify the shop in writing immediately.

Other topics in the issue consist of garden care, painters, diamond fees, dry cleaners, and listening to aids.

The Spring/Summer 2017 problem of Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook is available for $34 for a -yr subscription, which includes online and print get right of entry to. You also can buy the magazine at Barnes & Noble.

Advertising is all of the sports and strategies of making plans, communicating and executing a product, with a fee, the promotion and the placement of an object to an give up person. Your tune is your product which you are then supplying to the cease consumer – the track fan. Among you and the fan is a massive area on the way to bridge this gap. You might imagine that if you just get a record cope with a few label, your prayers are responded and this immediate bridge is built throughout that area. This is for the most element, no longer how things paintings nowadays.

As an aspiring indie or unsigned singer, songwriter, or a musician in a band you cannot do just a few things to promote yourself and anticipate success on your tune profession. Offline and on-line song promotion and Advertising and marketing exposure are an ongoing technique on this DIY age. song groups are searching out artists that already have fan bases, offered CDs, and are confirmed ready to transport as much as a higher degree. Offered here are extra than one hundred recommendations and thoughts as a way to think about and tweak as you may, to get observed, advantage fanatics, and get heard. You have to discover a manner to stand above the crowd, for talent alone is not enough.

Promo Tip #1 A song artist need to start someplace, that’s typically locally, but it is better to no longer just dive in without a plan. but begin you must. Create a plan with some thoughts and set desires as to what you need to accomplish weekly, month-to-month, and yearly. start small and make it modern. Attain benchmarks and maintain at it.

Promo Tip #2 Image is the whole lot. The photograph is the entire bundle – artist/band name, appearance, overall performance, merchandise, and style, to how that logo is marketed. A stage name can be a descriptive announcement of the Image you or your band challenge. Be unique and exciting to study in a few manner….build your own specific stage character.

Promo Tip #three Phrase of mouth has continually been the first-class merchandising – inform human beings what you do. Get humans speak. Create your buzz by using just giving sufficient info to get humans involved, but hold some secrets close.

Promo Tip #4 Those that promote the most win.

Promo Tip #5 You may be a truly splendid talent, however without getting out there and continually Advertising yourself, networking, meeting the proper humans, retaining your Photo, and being humble, your talent will only get you up to now.

Promo Tip #6 Be progressive to your promotional efforts! The Internet has made it possible to hear plenty greater track, from lots more artists. You are now a totally small fish in a very large pond – you may need to discover a way to stand out, above and glow in the dark. Suppose past the container on each promo tip.

Promo Tip #7 Learn net basis to apply the Net for your benefit. The Net flourishes on hyperlinks, best content, keywords, and consistency. Nicely use the tools of the Internet to build your online emblem.

Promo Tip #eight Create an internet website online. Buy your very own artist name or band call URL in your net web site, hold it easy, clean to recollect, make sure it passes fast and is straightforward to navigate.

Promo Tip #nine Publish your web link to online music directories, SERPs, right song resource sites, inside the exceptional viable descriptive class. Use niche websites like excursion date websites, the way of life, local, track magazine, music zines, song Blogs and further themed websites.

Promo Tip #10 Use Myspace, Tagworld, Frappr, Facebook and any of the coolest social networks and extend your fan base. Update on a normal timetable.

Promo Tip #eleven Move past the social networks and sign on to the best indie and unsigned tune artist sites. Upload a full profile, desirable snapshots, your fine music, Replace the data often and DO no longer REDIRECT them with only a bit info to find out greater at some other website. Those indie communities are built to draw music biz personnel as properly, to browse for the talent needed for numerous projects. Even as you’ve got the visitors attention and time, have the crucial info proper there, don’t waste their time with a redirect link! Consist of a link for your major site, in the event that they want to Research greater they’ll go to it.

Promo Tip #12 Hand out your CDs (or demos). Have your web link printed on the CD. Encompass your band call and get in touch with info as nicely. consider, your name on the work is greater crucial than the name of the work. Hand the CD to membership proprietors that feature your kind of tune.

Promo Tip #13 Ship press releases and reviews of your indicate to nearby print newspapers, magazines, and occasion papers. While writing press releases, examine up on “press release suggestions” etc to tweak your presentation.

Promo Tip #14 Professional snapshots imply you’re taking your self-critically. All pictures on your press package must be excellent pics, now not simply your foremost bio photo. The money spent on a photographer that may capture your music “Photograph” is money well spent.

Promo Tip #15 Gather addresses and electronic mail addresses (email is free!) to preserve your fans contemporary on what You’re as much as. Whilst constructing your lists, try to list their location – town, kingdom, and zip with a bit of private input about that fan. That is a splendid manner to create an extra private and focused mailing list without bombarding human beings which might be to ways away to wait for a display.

Promo Tip #16 Exercise and Practice and Practice. Sturdiness inside the music enterprise way studying new things, continuously growing and continually improving.

Promo Tip #17 Zero in for your target. Recognize where they hang out, wherein they keep, what they do for fun, and hit them where they stay – online and off. Your target market for the online song is a specific crowd of people so don’t waste time being where they are not.

Promo Tip #18 Play, play and play some extra. Get gigs in one part of town on Friday and another a part of the metropolis on Saturday. Do mini excursions outdoor of your city.

Promo Tip #19 Create your very own guide organization of the own family, friends, and college friends – talk properly with them to your plans and dreams to help spread the Word on you, in which you intend to move and the way you plan on getting there. Delegate obligations to the perfect humans.

Promo Tip #20 online Send out press releases and critiques of indicates via all appropriate websites.

Promo Tip #21 Get online airplay. There are a variety of indie radio webcasts, be a part of websites and do what You need to do to get at the playlists.


Promo Tip #22 Create a thrilling banner to drop on your discussion board signatures or different online places. Many message forums will-will let you leave a hyperlink and/or banner to your signature but don’t like blatant advertising and marketing.

Promo Tip #23 logo your name internationally and be ever aware of the Picture you want to paint whenever out in public or online. Whilst it’s in print, it’s everlasting.

Promo Tip #24 there is this sort of element as overkill, in that it is better to explain your band/tune as “we sound similar to the Beatles” rather than “we’re the biggest thing given that Led Zeppelin!” (or better than). So Word your description accordingly.

Promo Tip #25 The tune business is within the business to make money. In case your career is in music, Understand Whilst to be businesslike.

Promo Tip #26 Examine every vicinity of the commercial enterprise You are in. Knowledge is the strength.

Promo Tip #27 You must network. Meet human beings, get available, shake hands, pay attention to them as well and allow them to Know approximately your track. build those relationships.

Promo Tip #28 Be on pleasant terms with other bands and artists on your location.

Promo Tip #29 Create an “avenue crew”, online and/or offline…they are middle human beings that want that will help you, in addition, your Advertising efforts. Supply away free tickets, CDs or products in your street group as the incentive.

Promo Tip #30 Announce each music, every CD, first rate chart function, contest win, pinnacle sales on releases, announce something and the whole lot to live in the public’s eye. in case you can’t write a decent article up for the clicking release, get someone which could. Write a review of each gig and get feedback from nearby VIPs, fans, whoever matters and Consist of the first-class prices. Is it information worth? Write and promote it. Get the most mileage you could out of your promotional procedures.

Promo Tip #31 Never mail your CD without a cause or a touch man or woman’s call on it and expect miracles. a long way better than the contact character is aware of to anticipate your CD, his or her call is spelled correctly, and You are emailing it to a business enterprise that sincerely works along with your fashion of track.

Promo Tip #32 Put on your band! Get a jacket, t-shirts (and so on) and Upload your band call or brand on it. Put on it anywhere and be a strolling advertisement. If you have a gap fan base, consider a merchandise object that they want that of the path has your name on it!

Promo Tip #33 Create a thrilling band logo. It is able to be a communique starter or a potential contest query.

Promo Tip #34 be a part of a Songwriting Circle. This is a neighborhood concept (although it’s miles viable thru the Net), to satisfy with other songwriters on your very own vicinity and percentage your all songs. you may get remarks in your paintings, percentage thoughts and tips, probably collaborate on paintings, find out about what’s going on domestically, assist every different in lots of approaches. in case you desired to begin your own circle or search for one, you can use Craigslist for your desired or needed post. maximum ask which you be open-minded and devoted, with a willingness to pay attention and Supply remarks.

Promo Tip #35 Burn your pleasant tune as an unmarried. at the CD and cover Consist of ALL contact info, internet site, names, and many others and distribute that CD wherever you Go, without spending a dime.

Promo Tip #36 Have a custom vinyl vehicle wrap created approximately your all songs/band and positioned it for your automobile. OR a use a magnetic door sign on your vehicle will paintings as nicely.

Promo Tip #37 Go promote on the line to your net sites with nearby bands as well. You Provide them a lift on your website and they Supply the same returned to you. Ask different human beings to link in your all songs web site online from their website vehicle bill of sale!

Promo Tip #38 Introducing your band whether in individual or online has numerous similarity in speech writing strategies, in that You need to take hold of the reader or listener or viewer inside the first 30 seconds. Your commencing line desires to have punch, snag the target audience and reel them proper in. don’t forget the rock organization KISS and “Are you ready to Rock?!!” Find your attention getting the line and use it. do not fall sufferer to the much less inspiring, “um, hello guys, um, we’re the ‘Instance’ band…”

Promo Tip #39 Use Net class commercials as well as neighborhood newspapers to promote upcoming occasions and possible collaborations with others. Print papers and magazines need boost be aware so plan hence list of all types of vehicles.

Promo Tip #forty Create an online publication, with the content of value to the receiver. This is a useful manner to keep fans informed on gigs, information, gossip, new releases and other extraordinary information. Ship out your publication approximately once a month.

Promo Tip #41 Be outrageous or controversial. Shock fee can work, however, It may backfire too. Can you maintain the Photo? It has labored for many but changed into a disaster for lots greater. Think this tip out.

Promo Tip #42 Create a fan club online and get them to spread your banners, links and offer content for them to unfold.

Promo Tip #43 Who’re the VIPs on your network – Who are the discount computers popular human beings for your region? Get to Know them, Provide them a unfastened CD and invite them on your display. When they talk, others will pay attention.

Promo Tip #forty four Create a video and get on YouTube. Are your video on all relevant video sites. Video Scrapbook (or Diary) your all songs band’s progress, accomplishments, and jam periods. This may make for good clips in other initiatives.

Promo Tip #45 Have a CD, virtual download and other merchandise desktop computers for sale. Generate some income so you have something to put money into other regions of your Advertising and marketing effort.

Promo Tip #46 Have big name first-class but do not be a huge head. Allow human beings Understand You are Expert and feature the potential to be a long-lasting celebrity in this business.

Promo Tip #forty seven Never Junk mail electronic mail.

Promo Tip #forty eight Have a press package geared up to Send out or email. Has it smartly prepared with a brief bio, a brief description (approximately 30 phrases or less) on what you sound like, full-length bio, pleasant mix, tune samples, modern press releases and first-class news-worthy gadgets, music lyrics, radio laptop computers airplay and chart role statistics, and precise touch data?

Promo Tip #49 be part of online music companies and newsgroups.


Promo Tip #50 Be a chunk mysterious, preserve lower back and go away them wanting greater. Timing is the whole thing for some info, releases, etc.

Promo Tip #51 Create a music slogan of up to eight words (much less is higher) that quick, accurately and in a catchy way describes your track in a realistic manner.

Promo Tip #52 Supply an assessment to get an assessment simply is the satisfactory policy but In no way brutality. Often times someone will return the desire and it indicates your Information, your twist, on all songs created.

Promo Tip #53 Print up posters and/or flyers approximately your upcoming display and post them wherever your type of fans could hang out and Consist of your net hyperlink, display date, call of CD, wherein CD can be bought.

Promo Tip #54 Get into podcasting and video casting yourself or making your track available for podcasting Checkbook mag: Tips for a way to pick out a roof artisan, computer, or vehicle repair store.