Fashion of biblical proportions

Amir Sali has a revelation: “First and essential, [fashion] designing is just a part-time task. My predominant activity is serving the Lord. I want to provide everything I do to the Lord. My spirituality is connected to my designs. I don’t pass for magazines; I cross for the Bible. I cognizance at the Word of God, so I was given my inspirations from there.” Sali unleashed a mind-blowing series of the intimate Philippine Fashion Week (PhFW)Holiday 2017 displays at Discovery Primea in Makati City.

Amir Sali came from overseas. He’s correct there. He earns lots. But at the end of the day, while God touched his coronary heart, he returned home. He doesn’t need to be known as a Saudi Arabian but a Filipino clothier. [He] is a servant of the Lord—Filipino expertise at its first-class,” Joey Espino Jr., govt manufacturer of PhFW with his brother Audie, said in his advent.

Relying on his spirituality, Sali went again to our religious beyond for inspiration. “The first web page of the Bible—within the starting, while God created the heaven and the earth. I became inspired using the Garden of Eden before God created man. So I changed to focus on the creatures, the creations of God, like plant life and fauna. They’re very inspiring. Before God positioned guy, He put beautiful things around us first,” he explained.

The 25 seems to have created the use of mixed media; he delivered: “I’ve been using one-of-a-kind materials. When one gets dressed alone, you notice not only one or additives. It’s taken from extraordinary places. Each dress is cautiously created, even the information. We made our very own clothes. We did our prints via laptop and hand.”


Ali hails from Zamboanga, grew up within the Visayas, labored in Saudi for two decades, and now has set up his save in Valle Verde in Pasig City. In between, he honed his craft in Paris by analyzing the Ecole Lesage, where he discovered the secrets and techniques of broderie d’intérieur embroidery.

The mind-boggling embroidery substantially enriched Sali’s “Genesis” series. It has to be seen up close to admire the intricacy and painstaking work he did. An example is the butterflies on the robe worn with the aid of New York-based wiglet Charo Ronquillo.

“Many humans fear the butterfly as it supposedly brings horrific omens. I need to reveal that God did now not create anything bad. It’s just how you accept matters and the way you enjoy them,” Sali defined. Just as appealing are the accessories made by his brother Edgar, a few inspired by using the outside chandelier earrings at Christian Dior Haute Couture in the past due 1990s.

In most of the dresses, Sali used tulle as the dominant fabric. “I like transparency because, for the duration of the Creation, God created man and lady bare,” he said. “There are a lot of creative Filipino designers. I agree with that. We are equipped to be globally aggressive. I accept this as true with inside Filipino expertise, so I decided to live at home,” Sali delivered. “There’s no location like home. You can’t discover banana cue in Paris!”

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