Discount Diva: Garage sale tips for buyers and sellers

The vendor thinks his or her treasures are really worth a whole lot extra than a consumer is willing to pay, and the customer thinks the vendor is loopy, asking manner an excessive amount of for his or her used stuff.

To the vendor, that Coach handbag is a $200 stunner in the best situation. To the purchaser, it is a now not-quite-their-style accent that after hung perilously near your armpit.

I understand. You paid $60 for that blender. But would you instead sell it and get less than you was hoping or maintain out for a higher bidder and come to be donating it to Salvation Army along with everything else you could not cast off at your storage sale?

Many garage “sailors” go “cruising” searching out some thing unique – tools, camping gear, collectibles. Many others move simply to look if they will discover some thing that strikes their fancy. In both cases, shoppers have a price in mind for how a whole lot they’re willing to spend, and it’s generally now not a range of dollars.

Angie’s List has a depended on garage sale pricing manual. Here’s what it shows:

Clothing. Price child garments from 25 cents to $three, adult clothes from $three to $5, shoes up to $7, coats $10 to $15, jewelry 50 cents to $2. If you have quite a few clothing, recollect promoting it through the bundle for a less expensive usual price – mainly baby clothes.

Entertainment. Price books from 25 cents to $1, cassettes at $1, DVDs and CDs for as much as $5, data $2 (but see if you could sell any uncommon ones to a document shop, first), computer systems and device at no extra than a 3rd in their authentic price, toys and video games from $1 to $3. Stuffed animals are a difficult sell. Give them away free or rate a nickel.

Furniture. Price “cost” furniture from $10 to $30, sturdier furnishings at no more than a 3rd of the unique charge (and be equipped to haggle), fee antiques at their appraisal price or less, domestic decor as much as $5.

Anything with tags on it or in its authentic packaging can sell for a touch more.

And some recommendation for shoppers:

garage+sale+opening+day+2010-2(1).jpg (1600×853)

Do your homework. Check Craigslist, YardSaleSearch.Com, and The Buffalo News classifieds to peer snapshots or descriptions of what’s for sale close to you. That manner, you can be strategic about which income you hit.

Don’t haggle just to haggle. It doesn’t remember how moderately matters are priced, there will continually be someone who haggles just to haggle. Don’t be that individual.

Bring your checkbook. If you have to return with a truck to pick out up a huge item, leave a test to reserve it. Return with coins in hand.

Bring small bills. In a sea of twenties, a strapped dealer will possibly be inclined to reduce a deal for some lot-needed fives, tens, and ones.

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Go early. All the high-quality stuff commonly receives snapped up in the beginning.

But not too early. There is nothing extra universally despised as the garage sale early hen. Sellers will now not be prompted to make a bargain with a person who parked on the end of their driveway and stared at them for half of an hour earlier than the sale began.

Or pass overdue. More than once, I’ve scored smoking offers with the aid of going over the past hour or two of a sale – especially if it’s the sale’s last day and they may be approximate to haul the whole thing off to Goodwill anyway.



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