10 motives Why You ought to Use a Hosted WordPress

This article is written for the most effective motive, and it’s meant to alert those who are presently using FREE stuff like Blogger or Xanga or many others obtainable. Just keep in mind one component: whatever is given for FREE maximum cases, there’s a motive for it =) I attempted the usage of a blogger myself, and I emerged as the use of a hosted WordPress and never as soon as appearance lower back at the usage of others.

If you are unaware of WordPress, it is a free open-supply software program WordPress to download and deploy to create your blogs. However, I am only using a server-based totally WordPress, which is much more effective than the net loose model.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Must Use A Hosted WordPress

1. There are 3,000 Or More FREE Templates Themes

You Can Use For Your WordPress Blog In reality, I suppose it is growing normal with increasingly more FREE Template Themes online regularly. My favorite assets are Theme Viewer & WordPress Themes. On those two websites, you could find virtually hundreds of different themes and designs thinking about FREE, and no other platform has that many sources compared to WordPress =)

2. Over Hundreds of FREE Plugins For Your Hosted WordPress

WordPress Plugin Database is one site where you may locate tons of interesting plugins to help enhance your blogging. Enjoy with WordPress.


Some are so powerful that you can create a whole shopping cart or amusement blog using the unfastened plugins available.

3. WordPress Blogs Has Powerful Categories

Blogger additionally has something similar known as labels. Still, it’s not as effective as WordPress classes because you may use these categories to do your SEO to rank high in engines like Google.

4. User-Friendly & Easy To Use

If you’ve tried WordPress or signed up for hosting and installing it, you’ll find it’s far more straightforward to apply. All you want in phrases of know-how is the recognize-hows of using Microsoft Word and

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Internet Browsers and you may certainly start using or posting stuff for your blog pretty much without problems!

5. 90% Of All Popular Blogs Use A Hosted WordPress As Their Platform

If you visit Technorati.Com, which has over 107 million blogs thus far, the maximum of them is WordPress usage, and the motive is that it’s very sturdy and expandable, with hundreds of resources you could find online.

6. Integrated Password Protection For Valuable Information

If you’ve got a selected pool of customers or readers you would like to present with special facts; you may password-protect the submission to prevent outsiders from accessing your points.

7. Seamless Integration With Videos And Audio

You can effortlessly upload motion pictures from YouTube and Audio documents, too, with the help of plugins, and this may permit your readers to have extra effective content on your sites.

8. Encourage Interaction With Your Readers

A weblog certainly does one thing with readers: engaging with them in phrases of having feedback with the feedback you see below. This is crucial as the interplay with your readers permits you to be even towards your readers. Once you’ve built a sturdy relationship with your readers, they will likely buy something.

9. Widget Ready Themes

Hate designing? With easy widget geared-up issues, you may drag and drop menus across the blog without problems by just dragging and losing across the layout. You may download one topic I created with the one’s functions free at this hyperlink here.

10. Hosted WordPress Is FREE To Install!

Last, the hosted WordPress is FREE to install and use. As long as you’ve got a domain call and hosted server, you could host a WordPress for FREE, and it simply takes about 3 minutes to set up one. If you seek a good host to host your WordPress, I could advise you on how to operate this host. It costs US$7.95 in line with the month, and they give you 600GB of SPACE and 6,000 Bandwidth. That’s A LOT! Once you do this, go into your hosting account and install WordPress to get began together with your blog =) And if you want more information or little-by-little details on starting a weblog, click here to get the manual book. Do leave your feedback below if you analyze something from this article.


If you are new to blogging, are simply thinking about starting your blog, or have got a weblog and are just now thinking about monetizing your blog, I suppose a short introduction to what a weblog could be suitable. As the net advanced to become what it is, many site owners determined that netizens wanted to recognize which websites had recently been updated and had new facts. Web surfers searched for new and interesting facts and did not need to pass or look at websites themselves to peer if they had been updated recently. They desired someplace they could pass and notice simply what had become new.

Some pretty sharp programmers started posting logs on their websites, which informed their website traffic and which websites had current updates or new facts. As they were known, these weblogs had been like an informal directory of “what is new” online. These weblogs and the technology that powered them ultimately grew and changed to become the blogs of these days.

A weblog is surely an internet site written in a pleasant information format that is frequently up to date. Rather than listing recent or updated websites, blogs got new news and continually converted websites. A weblog takes an equal role online as your nearby television day-by-day news application or newspaper do of their respective media kinds. Blogs are someplace you move when you want new and exciting records on any subject matter.

A weblog is a website that is constantly being updated with up-to-date data. A weblog serves as the sole reason for educating and entertaining people. Like a great daily information application or nearby newspaper, top blogs offer a nice balance of education and enjoyment.

A proper weblog has several content materials, teaches you something new, and entertains you a chunk within the procedure. For your weblog to be successful, you will want to make sure you incorporate every one of these three things into your blog. The most successful blogs on the net do this quite properly.

A weblog used to be a list of new or modified websites; they were changed over the years and exploded in reputation into present-day blogs. Where a weblog was something most effective a programmer had, blogging now allows everyone, without any programming or HTML (hypertext mark-up language) talents, to install their very own weblog. The weblogs of yesteryear paved the way for the blogs of today.

With the proliferation of unfastened blog websites and Google’s Blogger, it is simple for each person inside the international to have their own weblog. Blogger uses templates, and signing up for an account and beginning your weblog takes about five minutes, and you are up and in your manner! If you receive electronic mail and surf the net, you could have your own weblog. It is virtually that clean. And, best of all – it is loose!

Today’s blogs are maintained with the aid of each company (huge and small) and people worldwide. At this point, even your grandmother should have her blog if she desired to. All she would have to do is sign up for a Blogger account and start typing about her family, pursuits, pets, or whatever else she may need to talk about. A family blog can be a top-notch way for families who want to contact everyone differently.

A weblog can truely be an online diary or pocketbook you operate to publish your mind. A blog can also be a more formal website to train humans about any topic you may think of. Your blog may be as private or expert as you need it to be. By using Blogger’s first-rate templates, you may regulate the appearance and feel of your blog to fit the kind of blog you need. You are also free to have a couple of blogs and may have the look and sense of every separate blog range based on their topics. The pleasant aspect is that a non-public and professional blog could have AdSense on it and make you some cash!


There are presently blogs on subjects ranging from work politics, global politics, relationships, frugal residing, sports, faith, relative relatives, lifestyles, the circle of close relatives, and just about whatever else. Chances are, if you have a hobby in something, then there’s a blog obtainable on the subject.

However, if you seek and can not find a blog on a subject that interests you, that could tell you that it is probably a remarkable concept of a subject for starting your blog and making a little extra money with it! You’ll need to do some marketplace research before setting up a weblog because you could not discover one of the selected challenge ten motives why You Ought to Use a Hosted WordPress.

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