Simple Computer Tips for Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

There are many reasons why we want to select a section of text in a Word document. You may wish to change the font style or color, bold text, or cut and paste the text.

Here are a few tips and shortcut key combinations for selecting text:

To select a word – double click anywhere within the word
To select the entire paragraph – triple-click anywhere within the paragraph
To select the entire sentence – Press the CTRL key for a PC or Command key for a MAC and click anywhere within the sentence
Select a text block – Press and hold the ALT key and drag your mouse to select any rectangular area.
To select the entire document – Press Ctrl+A for a PC or Command +A for a MAC on your keyboard to select all text in the document.
You can also use the SHIFT key and the directional arrow keys to select text from your current cursor position.

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The Importance of Excellent Writing


TIP #1: Be Lively, No longer Passive

TIP #2: Say What You Imply, Imply What You are saying

TIP #3: Don’t Be Verbose and Run On and On and Use Greater Phrases than You Actually need to use to Get Your Point Across

TIP #4: Pass the Massive Phrases. Your Reader isn’t always Impressed

TIP #5: Shorter is Usually Sweeter

TIP #6: Shape Your Paragraphs Logically

TIP #7: Are You Positive It really is the Proper Word?

TIP #8: Have a Communication

TIP #9: Say What?

TIP #10: Avoid Qualifiers

TIP #11: Get rid of Repetitive Redundancies

The Significance of Correct Writing

Does your task require you to put it in writing? Whatever in any respect? If Not, you Don’t need this article. However, if you’re occasionally referred to as on to jot down a letter to a client, commands for a subordinate, info at the operation of a technique, a education guide, an annual file, an editorial for the company publication, or even an e-mail to a co-employee, you will broaden a reputation as a creator.

Will that recognition is Proper or awful? Will humans enjoy reading your work – or balk once they get something from you? Most of the time, it depends on your writing skills, fashion. People want to study matters which might be easy to understand, are written in undeniable English, and comply with a logical progression of concept. Misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, and negative sentence Structure are all distracting to your message. This e-book isn’t intended to be a primer on spelling or grammar. However, you could significantly improve your writing skills simply by the following 11 simple Recommendations.

TIP #1: Be Energetic, Now not Passive

A not unusual error is writing skills in the passive voice when Lively voice will sound higher and make more sense. The energetic voice is Commonly preferred as it makes the sentence clearer and shorter.

In place of this: The person was bitten using the canine.

Do that: The canine bit The man.

In place of this: A rude noise became made utilizing the student, and the fundamental became known as via the instructor.

Do this: The pupil made a rude noise, and the instructor called the main.

TIP #2: Say What You Imply, Suggest What You are saying

Your writing skills should not purpose your reader to scratch his head and say, “Huh?”.

As opposed to this: If the Internal Revenue Service finds that a man or woman has obtained a fee to which the character becomes No longer entitled, whether or No longer the fee was because of the individual’s fault or misrepresentation, and whether or not or Not the charge became due to a miscalculation by using the Service, or some different kind of blunders, although, the character will be at risk of repaying to the Department of the Treasury, the total sum of the payment to which the man or woman changed into No longer entitled.

Do that: If the IRS overpays you, you’re required to return the overpayment quantity regardless of the reason.

TIP #3: Do not Be Verbose and Run On and On and Use Greater Phrases Than You Really want to Get Your Factor Throughout; some writers appear to experience long sentences. The go-for amount rather than exceptional. In truth, it takes more skills to be concise.

Instead of this: ABC Software program, Inc. nowadays announced its early adoption and planned use and aid of Microsoft’s new Visual Studio for Applications (VSA) era as a fundamental issue of the platform on which ABC Software program’s subsequent-generation solutions may be built. ABC Software program has strong records of presenting clients with solutions adaptable to specific commercial enterprise desires through award prevailing customization gear. VSA gives crucial talents to enable the ABC Software program to customize Extra superior tiers in its next-generation products.

Do this: ABC Software is one of the first to adopt Microsoft’s new Visible Studio Programs (VSA) technology. ABC has records of supplying customization tools that can be adaptable to a huge style of business needs. The usage of VSA will permit ABC to create even more advanced variations of its Software.

TIP #4: Pass the Big Phrases. Your Reader isn’t Inspired.

Some writers accept that they may be Greater distinctly reputable or appear smarter if they use Big Phrases. In truth, But most of the people are eliminated by using that. The author seems to be a pompous display-off. Simply say what you Imply in plain English!

As opposed to this – Try this:

extra – extra

suggest – tell

attempt – strive

commence – begin

consequently – so

ahead – ship

character – man or woman

preliminary – first

in extra of – Greater than

within the event of – if

numerous – many

on receipt – whilst we get

on request – if you ask

details – info

men and women – human beings

previous to – before

regarding – about

referred to as – called

sufficient – enough

terminate – end

TIP #5: Shorter is Usually Sweeter

An excellent rule of thumb is to permit each sentence to accomplish simply one thing. Too many ideas in one sentence make it confusing. Rather than stringing several ideas together, clearly placed everyone into a separate, shorter sentence.

Rather than this: The government and monetary network within the Bahamas appreciate the want for corporations to function below the jurisdiction laws that minimize taxation, reporting requirements, and bureaucratic intervention while supplying flexibility for operation in a liberal and concessionary environment.

Try this: The government and banking network in the Bahamas acknowledges that companies need to pay fewer taxes. The one’s equal groups need to be freed from hard reporting necessities and bureaucratic interference. The Bahamas allows corporations to operate freely and could even provide concessions to attract them to the islands.

TIP #6: Structure Your Articles Logically

It’s very complicated to the reader if your mind bounces back and forth to follow a logical progression. From analyzing magazines and newspaper articles, the Maximum of your readers will anticipate you to start with generality and then hold with Greater detail and unique examples.

You can do that without wondering while you are speaking. You bypass a chum in the corridor at paintings who asks what you did the night before. You prevent and tell her that you went to a remarkable new eating place wherein the food and Carrier were delicious. You inform her of the name of the location in which It is placed and says, “You should take a look at it out.” using that Point within the Conversation, it is time to get again to paintings.

Later, you exit to lunch with every other friend and spend an hour together. She asks you the same query, and you begin your answer precisely an identical manner. However, because you have Extra time, and she or he is sincerely interested, you begin giving her information. You point out who you were eating with, gossip approximately who else you noticed there, listing each object at the substantial dessert menu, and describe the atmosphere of the vicinity in intricate detail.


While you write something, your readers may be in various places and situations when acquiring your communication. You need to make sure you write the Most important messages at the start and then pass them into the Extra element for Those who have the time and interest.

TIP #7: Are You Certain It really is the Right Word?

A great deal has been written approximately how perplexing the English language is for people trying to analyze it for the first time. However, writers know it could also be difficult for Those who’ve spoken and written the language their complete lifestyles! Right here are fifty-five sets of Words that writers regularly confuse – and a brief assessment of their proper usage:

Effect – to steer;

Effect – result

Already – organized;

Already – at the moment

All Proper – satisfactory;

Very well – wrong utilization

All collectively – a set;

Altogether – absolutely

Allude – to refer to;

Elude – to steer clear of

All Ways – via all way;

Always – all the time

Anyway – using any approach;

Anyway – anyways;

Anyways – wrong utilization

Appraise – to estimate a price;

Appraise – to tell

Ascent – upward movement;

Assent – to agree

Assistance – help;

Assistants – helpers

Bare – bare;

Endure – bring;

Ensure – animal

Besides – after;

Except – additionally

Born – introduced into existence;

Borne – carried

Brake – forestall;

Ruin – shatter

Buy – buy;

Bye – goodbye;

through – next to

Capital – the seat of presidency;

Capitol – a building wherein a legislature meets

Compliment – reward;

Supplement – to enhance or entire

Connote – to imply;

Denote – to indicate

Continual – occurs often;

Continuous – by no means stops

Correspondence – written communications;

Correspondents – individuals who write the communications

Desolate tract – depart at the back of;

Wasteland – an arid land;

Dessert – after dinner course

Device – invention;

Device – to invent

Discreet – prudent, circumspect;

Discrete – separate, wonderful

Disinterested – unbiased;

Uninterested – indifferent

Elicit – to deliver out;

Illicit – illegal

Besides – aside from;

Accept – to acquire

Honest – common;

Fair – beautiful;

Fair – simply;

Fair – price for transportation

Further – literal distance;

Similarly – to a greater volume

ahead – in the direction of the front;

Foreword – introductory observe

Gorilla – a big primate;

Guerrilla – non-traditional struggle

Hanged – beyond disturbing of cling (execution of a criminal);

Hung – beyond aggravating of grasp (as with a picture at the wall)

Heard – past anxiety of “listen”;

Her – group of animals

Illusion – misperception;

Allusion – indirect reference

It is – contraction of “it’s miles”;

It’s – possessive of “it.”

Lead – to be out in front;

Lead – heavy metallic;

Led – beyond the sense of being out in front

Lesson – to make much less;

Lesson – something learned

Overdue – to hold to a long way;

Late – late

Surpassed – past aggravating of “pass”;

past – a time gone by using

Staying power – forbearance;

Patients – customers of a doctor

Peace – the absence of conflict;

Piece – a part of something

Presence – being somewhere;

Offers – presents

foremost – head of a faculty;

important – holder of a high role in an enterprise;

most important – an amount of money that earns hobby;

Principle – a rule or preferred

Raise – to boost up;

Raze – to rip down

Residence – a residence;

Citizens – folks that live in a residence

Respectfully – in a well-mannered way;

Respectively – in the order referred to

Proper – correct;

Ceremony – nonsecular rite

Sight – something visible;

Web page – an area;

Cite – quote an expert

Some time – a time period;

Someday – at an unspecified Point in time

Deskbound – Not moving;

Stationery – writing paper

Directly – Not bent;

Strait – passageway through water

Tenant – a renter;

Guiding principle – strongly held perception

Their – possessive of “they”;

There – No longer Right here;

They may be – contraction of “they” and “are.”

Waiver – surrender a Right;

Weaver – to be indecisive

Who is – contraction of “who” and “is”;

Whose – possessive of “who.”

Your – possessive of “you”;

You are – contraction of “you” and “are.”

TIP #8: Have a Communication

For Most matters that you write, a casual tone isn’t best suitable, however less difficult to read. Except You are writing skills a scholarly paper on a few rare ailments to your next scientific convention, you ought to avoid using jargon. Do not think of your readers first as engineers, bankers, legal professionals, enterprise executives, or co-people. Think of the first as human beings who have lots to do and Do not need to exert their analysis.

Appropriate communique involves Extra than talking and listening, or writing skills and analyzing. It includes readability on the part of The author and information on the part of the reader. It includes an interplay between or Extra human beings. Your writing must be as easy to study and apprehend as your Verbal exchange across the water cooler. And in particular, Keep away from something buzzwords, enterprise jargon, and clichés are currently in fashion. Simply believe if people talked the manner a number of them write. You may get a voicemail like this:

“What’s up, George, allow’s suppose outdoor the field, observe our middle capabilities, interface with our strategic alliances, and spot if we’re at the equal web page. I parent. It is a win-win and. We should simply contact base and then hit the ground jogging. I parent if we are proactive, we will locate some brilliant synergy. Going ahead, I suppose this may Now not simplest be a vital cost proposition. However, it may additionally also be assignment-vital.

I just wanted to offer you a heads-up that it wishes to be tonight because I’m out of pocket all weekend. At the top of the day, I assume we’re going to find we’ve neglected some things that weren’t on our radar display. Backside line, It is all approximately positioning. And don’t forget we want to walk the stroll. Despite everything, there’s no “I” in the team, and we need to move for result-driven empowerment. So preserve me in the loop, okay?”

Wouldn’t this jargon-free voice mail be simpler to apprehend:?

“What’s up, George. Let’s invite multiple women out for a date. It might be this night due to the fact I will be gone for the weekend. We have been saying we must get out Greater. It is going to be a laugh! Call me back whilst you get a threat, k?”

Remember to put in writing skills Greater, such as you communicate.

TIP #9: Say What?

Study what you’ve written out loud! From time to time, with a purpose to monitor problems that you Do not “listen” to your mind when you proof your own work. You may understand exactly what you mean when you write the sentence and have it totally misunderstood. Now and then, the trouble comes from moving your difficulty and verb to ways aside in the sentence. Instead of this: President Bush wrote his State of the Union deals while traveling from Washington to Omaha on a menu.

Do that: President Bush wrote his Nation of the Union copes with at the return of a menu while traveling from Washington to Omaha.

As opposed to this: Dr. Smith has been writing skills a treatise on the history of diabetes studies because of the early 1900s.

Do this: Dr. Smith has been writing skills a treatise. It discusses the records of diabetes since the early 1900s.

TIP #10: Keep away from Qualifiers

Your writing skills will commonly be Stronger in case you Avoid certain qualifiers. No, It’s Not Right. Your writing skills are Stronger while you Keep away from sure qualifies readers. Do you see the difference when the Phrase “usually” is eliminated from the preceding sentence?

“normally” is one among dozens of qualifiers that people use both of their writing skills and speech. other examples are “probable”, “almost”, “about”, “in all likelihood”, “type of”, “maybe”, “try to”, “believed to be”, “ought to be”, “Generally”, “Most”, “Every now and then”, “occasionally”, “I think”, “perhaps”, “kind of”, and “generally”.

Using too many qualifiers on your writing skills will make you sound unsure of yourself, or worse yet – evasive.

In preference to this: The food became extremely tasteless.

Try this: The food turned into tasteless. Or The food turned into bland.

As opposed to this: It became a reasonably hot day.

Do that: It becomes a hot day.


TIP #11: Put off repetitive redundancies

A redundancy unnecessarily uses or Extra Words that Imply the identical issue – like repetitive redundancies. The second one, Phrase, is immoderate and superfluous. Here are some examples of redundancies to Keep away from:

o small in size

o I thought to myself

o record

o cash-saving coupon

o join collectively

o merge collectively

o younger child

o sudden wonder

o hole tube

o instructional student

o beyond history

o honest fact

o proximity

o previously recorded

o intellectual telepathy

o refer again

o introduced bonus

o Naked bare

o the consensus

o water heater

o It is raining outdoor

o fad

o surrounded on all sides

o mystery

o domestic dog canine

These few Recommendations likely won’t win you a Pulitzer Prize or get you elected President; however, optimistically, you have learned sufficiently to make your subsequent writing skills venture simpler and Extra exciting…For you AND the reader, Simple Computer Tips for Selecting Text in Microsoft Word!

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