Leveraging OneNote: Using Page Templates

Working in a commercial enterprise way, growing, following, and updating methods. Flexibility certainly becomes one of OneNote’s biggest flaws in commercial enterprise settings because of the need for consistency and templates. Luckily, the desktop purchaser of OneNote has template functions that could help standardize how new pages appear and make sense. This enables drive consistency across notes.

The first step in developing a template is to create the grasp page. This layout will be copied for each new page. The grasp page layout is up to you and can include rich content and formatting. I suggest keeping your master page template simple. I also advise the usage of tables and formidable design.

Putting a simple desk at the pinnacle of the page as a statistics segment offers shape and a starting point for your coworkers. I endorse it, which includes fields to help deliver the web page in a clean context. Some of my usual areas are Added By, Project, Date Added, and Links. Do not assume unaccustomed users have any context when asked to use a template. The extra structure you supply in your template, the simpler it’ll be to recognize. Ideally, the template could be self-explanatory.

In the body of the page, it’s critical to present a difficult framework for the layout of records. Remember, page templates are meant to deliver consistency in your notes. Using web page templates must assist human beings in locating records quickly and without problems across similar pages. I propose formidable headings for attendees, agenda, hyperlinks, notes, and action objects for meeting notes. Other useful sections or desk items may include crew individuals, timelines, files, and tags.

Clear Formatting

OneNote has a few popular patterns that may be useful for speaking page shape to your coworkers. Unlike the alternative Office programs, OneNote does not permit you to customize the styles. However, OneNote add-ons, along with OneTastic, do add custom patterns. I could propose you accept the default patterns. The factor is not appearance but consistency across all your notes.

Using segment headers makes navigating through your notes easier because sections can be collapsed with the drag taken care of. Collapsing less critical areas also helps keep vital information front and middle without missing helpful details. Additionally, constant headings can be beneficial while organizing and summarizing a section or organization of pages.

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Saving and Setting a Template

Once your grasp web page has been created, it wishes to be stored as a template. Under the Insert tab, you’ll find the Template button. This opens the template pane. There may be an option to keep your modern web page as a template at the bottom of this page.


After a template web page is stored, clicking the check container allows that web page to be used as a template for all new pages inside the equal section. This will also keep a duplicate of your master web page in OneNote and create some other reproduction for each new page. OneNote does not reference the carrier you used to create the master. Therefore, any edits to that page will not be copied to new pages. Every time you update your grasp page, you should save it again as a template page.

Due to updates and adjustments not being dynamic, I recommend including revisions to the top of your custom page templates. Numbering or other varieties of labeling will assist you in locating the modern, most updated template among many further named templates. Also, embed the template revision into the grasp page. This will let your coworkers understand they want to replace a brand-new template for their OneNote application.

Shortcomings with Templates

In the regular OneNote style, templates are not dynamic in any manner. While saving page templates is an incredible way to pressure consistency, using OneNote, the templates and default new pages do not sync with the notebooks. Each consumer must add their master page as a template and set it as the default new page template.

This may be a severe pain when using any OneNote apps because none help web page templates. On the pinnacle of that, you will set it up for every PC you operate in case you use OneNote on multiple laptops. This isn’t always fundamental trouble. If you have many unique templates, it can rapidly become tedious.

An easy workaround is to keep the contemporary grasp page at the top of a segment. Your coworkers can get a replica and paste the page. This helps if they’re on an unsupported device. Ideally, everybody would set up the templates and defaults initially. This will help avoid future problems; however, we all recognize how each person desires to solve their issue.

It is doubtful if Microsoft plans to add template capability into their different OneNote apps. So, for some distance, the OneNote group has been very opaque about what qualifications they may be bringing over and what their roadmap includes. Many recent capabilities have been targeted around educational use of and much less approximately core functions.

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