10 Healing Words to the Victims of the Hurricanes

Sunday, preaching in Biloxi, Mississippi, I requested the congregation, “How many of you were residing here in 1969 when Hurricane Camille modified this shoreline forever?” A lot of arms went up.
Then, “How a lot of you lived here in 2005 whilst Katrina destroyed a lot of the region?” Many extra palms.
I stated, “So while you think about buddies coping with hurricanes, which includes Harvey and Irma, You’ve been there. You can pray for them with a true compassion and a deeper knowledge.”


Before they left the constructing, the ones human beings made generous contributions to their associates impacted with the aid of the hurricanes.
Each storm is one-of-a-kind. Each takes its personal route and blows at its very own speed. And everyone is comparable. They ruin and uproot and flood. Those who enjoy even one such storm forever identifies with the sufferers and veterans of all those which follow.
With that in thoughts, it is probably so as for those of us with scars from past hurricanes (for my family, it was Betsy in 1965 and Katrina forty years later) to provide a phrase or two healing scriptures in the bible of encouragement to friends caught within the direction of the cutting-edge of these monster storms.

10 phrases, in reality…
(We will attempt no longer to insult you with platitudes healing prayers including “work hard” or “strive now not to cry.” You will work tough and you’ll cry, and God bless you as you do.)

1. Faith
Keep your religion to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the One who created all of it and for whom none of this changed into unexpected. Trust that He is aware of what He is ready and that the day will come while you appearance again and spot His hand in all that has happened and is taking the area for your existence and in those you adore. Keep your eyes on Him.

2. Hope
After Katrina, whilst we had been capable of getting lower back into New Orleans, someone had posted Jeremiah 29: eleven at intersections across the city: “God says, ‘I recognise the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare and not for calamity, to present you a destiny and a hope.” That becomes a timely word to individuals who had to lose their neighborhoods and livelihood and had been thinking what the future held. Later, whilst the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary began rebuilding, President Chuck Kelley chose the identical Jeremiah 29:11 as the topic for its recuperation. The promise was given to Israel in Babylon, of course, however, is simply as authentic for God’s humans going thru their storms these days as then.

3. Love
Something desirable is set to occur for all within the typhoon zones: God’s humans will quickly be arriving with the aid of the thousands, bringing assist for the recuperation of houses and lives, bringing with them healing scriptures chainsaws and dirt-out crews and rebuilding teams, teens choirs, and generous offerings from the churches. Your neighbors who’ve been skeptical approximately God and religion are approximate to look Him tackle flesh and blood within the lives of devoted disaster remedy employees and fresh-confronted younger human beings.

4. Change
It’s authentic your area has modified and probably modified all the time. But, as with the case of victim impact statement sample letters New Orleans, that’s no longer all horrific! Some neighborhoods wished to revitalize, a few crime groups needed breaking apart, and some churches had to see their fields afresh and anew. It’s crucial no longer to try to remake your church into what it turned into earlier than; God is doing a new component to your midst. Trust Him that He is aware of what He is set. Keep reminding your self and your friends of Matthew sixteen:18–“It’s His church and He will build it.”


5. Gratitude
“In the whole thing provide thanks,” Scripture commands (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Gratitude is the what defines a victim last grace, we’re told. No doubt you can find matters to be thankful for even within the midst of the suffering approximately you: that the devastation wasn’t worse, that greater lives weren’t misplaced, that even whilst looters have been at paintings and price-gougers were doing what they do, people all around you were showing love and compassion. God is on the scene and He is devoted.

6. Patience
The rebuilding of your metropolis and your lives will now not occur as speedy as they had been what defines a victim destroyed. The wheels of government groups frequently turn slowly and people are apprehensive via new conditions, new regulations, and new the whole thing. In our case (New Orleans), we lost hundreds of heaps of our pals who in no way moved lower back however received almost a same number, many of them fresh-faced hurricanes NHL teenagers looking to get in on the rebuilding of the city, but a huge range of Hispanic international locations who helped inside the reconstruction. All of these items required changes and endurance.

7. Compassion
While you could have had it terrible, you may locate others who had it worse. Show mercy and kindness toward them. Offer anything assistance you may. One of our associational leaders, Freddie Arnold, lost his residence to the floodwaters but spent many weeks after the typhoon with chain-noticed crews helping buddies. When requested in which he changed into staying, Freddie joked, “I’m sound asleep around.” In time, Louisiana hurricanes definition Baptists named their annual award for “disaster remedy employee of the yr” in Freddie Arnold’s honor. Then, fittingly, he turned into its first recipient.

8. Expectations
Perhaps best Christians will admire this, but it’s crucial to put your expectations on the Lord and now not on humans. If we assume the government to take care of all our needs, or for the first rate compassionate companies–whether the SBC DR organization, the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Red Cross, or any of 100 others–to do everything we require, we will in all likelihood be disillusioned. The familiar recommendation of Philippians 4:6 is constantly so as: “Be hectic for not anything; Pray about everything; Thank God for something.”

9. Lessons
You will be gaining knowledge of an outstanding deal approximately yourself, approximately human nature, as well as about the Lord God inside the next weeks and months. The training will are available all shapes and sorts. “It is good that I was bothered,” said the Psalmist, “that I would possibly discover ways to worry Thy name” (Psalm 119:71).
I suggest you start a journal and keep suitable notes, of what you went through, and everything you notice God doing. Future generations will study it and could advantage from it. (Our Katrina magazine is on our internet site www.Joemckeever.Com. Scroll all the way down to the records, then click on September 2005 and scroll to September 1. The “journal” covers the rebuilding of New Orleans for the subsequent years.)


10. Life
“Stress isn’t par for the route,” said the grandmother to her teenage offspring. “It is the course.” This hurricane might also have interrupted your life the manner you were dwelling it, however, it’s just taken a tough right flip. Nothing goes to be identical. Embrace the alternate as you start each new day 10 Healing Words to the Victims of the Hurricanes.

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