Watch Mac DeMarco perform ‘One More Love Song’ on ‘Fallon

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The overall performance marks DeMarco’s debut on network tv.

Mac DeMarco regarded on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Friday (June 9), to perform a cut from recent album ‘This Old Dog‘.

Performing ‘One More Love Song’, the appearance marked DeMarco’s debut on community television. You can see the performance beneath.

It also seemed as although DeMarco made friends with fellow guest, WWE wrestler John Cena. DeMarco shared an image with Cena to his Instagram web page, which you could see underneath.

Last week, DeMarco released the song video for his track ‘One Another’.

The video sees DeMarco placing out with the Grim Reaper and, later, on his loss of life bed as an antique guy, preventing to play one final gig.

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DeMarco these days shared his existence story in an intensive podcast interview, and become joined on level recently through Stranger Things celebrity Finn Wolfhard.

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During the episode, DeMarco talks musical inspirations, family, growing up in a “homophobic hockey metropolis”, his estranged father’s response to new song ‘My Old Man’ and his amputee grandfather’s saxophone profession.

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Meanwhile, it turned into currently said that DeMarco is looking for an assistant to paintings for his fan club and needs applicants to send their “darkest Mac meme or Mac associated gif”.
The singer’s fan club become released in 2015 and is run by way of his mother. The latest job listing stated that the fan club is “searching out a brand new Fan Club assistant in Brooklyn”. The advert continues: “This function will be high-quality for a college scholar!

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