Powerful Women in the Entertainment Industry

Now an independent producer, Heather Parry is known by those who have worked closely with her as having a keen eye for talent. Parry had a huge hand in Brooklyn Decker’s filming debut after she landed one of the key roles in Just Go With It.


Parry, who played a key role in casting, told The Morning Call that she “was happy that there were three strong roles for women” in the movie. Parry described Just Go With It as a perfect date movie showcasing the importance of “ending up with the person who knows you inside and out, the person who’s your best friend.”

“Heather will always be dear to me because she gave me my big first break in the film industry,”

Decker told The Morning Call. The actress, who’s also a model, said that Parry is “constantly pushing the envelope for female comediennes, giving women like Anna Faris, Emma Stone and myself a chance to do what we love doing.”

Decker went on to scoop the 2011 Teen Choice Award in the female category for Choice Movie Breakout. Long-time friends, Sandler and Aniston, bagged the 2011 Choice Movie Chemistry award.

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