Automobile Companies – Can They Sell More Cars if They Are Biosensor Enabled?

There is not any doubt that your non-public tech toys consist of both an iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, or different high-tech devices. Yes, and I imagine such as you. It is modified your existence, similar to it did when to procure your first set of wheels, as power modifications every young individual’s lifestyle – freedom at a very personal level. Now, some carmakers are integrating things like iPhones and iPads and their apps into their modern-day fashions. Audio has a neat docking station for a tablet, allowing you to use it as a GPS tool.

Of path, Audi is not by myself on taking the cutting-edge automobile to the subsequent level, as Ford is taking a few rather fascinating MIT degree electronic scientific device kind systems, and making them completely portable, to go along with you as you move, even if you have an extreme clinical circumstance. The car monitors your well-being as you move so that you can move without fear. Is that a good reason to buy a car from Ford? For a few, it very an awful lot to properly be, and just for a second, consider what number of humans within the US on my own have situations which dispose of their mobility and freedom?


There turned into an exciting press release lately on the Ford Motor Company Website recently titled; “Ford and Healthcare Experts Research SYNC Health and Wellness Connectivity Services Helping Manage Chronic Illness On the Go” – it seems that Ford is trying something completely progressive and designing motors to help oldsters who’ve serious, demanding situations including medical problems, chronic illnesses, and troubles like Diabetes, Asthma, or Asthma. Ford referred to that;

“Ford SYNC (registered trademark), researchers developed glucose tool connectivity and monitoring functionality, location primarily based allergy and pollen reports and voice-controlled, cloud-primarily based fitness management offerings” and that their companions consist of; “Leading healthcare enterprise professionals inclusive of scientific tool maker Medtronic, mHealth Pioneer WellDoc, and SDI Health, builders of the informational allergy website Pollen [dot] com, to increase its initial Health and Wellness connectivity portfolio.”

The system is virtually included in the dashboard, and its miles quite snazzy. One query we had at our Think Tank changed into; will this assist sell greater vehicles for Ford? I imply it’s miles a totally noble enterprise, manner above the decision of duty; nonetheless, will it help their backside line and increase automobile income? My questioning is yes, yes, it’s going to. And, I’d say that’s a win-win for everybody. Indeed, I’d such as you to consider how automobile generation will force vehicle sales well off into the future.

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