Tips for Escaping an Attack with your Armored Car

If you have planned to get your car armored, or if you have armored your car, due to increasing threats on you and your family’s life, then it is also imperative that you should know how to escape from an attack, should you be attacked with your armored car.

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Armoring your car, comes in with a lot of power to your hands, where you don’t need to be angst about incoming bullets, in a situation where you are inside the car going to some important meeting. An armored car will always save you from these situations, but there are some other things that you need to adhere to, in terms of escaping the attack.

Armoring your car creates a different dynamic when it comes your vehicle. Dealing with the changes that comes around with armoring the vehicle, is very important because that might decide between life or death, when the situation is such that, where, the car not only protects you from the incoming bullet, but also helps you escape from the scene. Hence, in this article, we have discussed about some tips which will help you to deal with the changes in your car, so that you can handle any situation that comes to you.

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  • Always Have a Plan-: It is always necessary that you have a plan. As the phrase goes, “Precaution is better than Cure”, similarly, planning from before is always advisable when you are expecting an attack. You should know how to get out of situations like, carjacking, light fire or heavy fire etc. Knowing about all the possible situations that might arise, is the best way that you can protect you and your family from any impending attack.
  • Don’t look Back-: If you are driving the armored car, then it is very necessary that you keep your focus on what you are doing. At the time when you are attack, the only thing that should run through your mind, is a strategy which would help you escape the situation. Thinking about unnecessary mistakes, kills your time and hence, gives the attacker a hell lot of time to move over, and have an advantage over you.
  • Stay Calm-: In this history of crimes, often, most of the times it has been seen that the victim loses their calm, and gets killed during the attack. While it is very tough to stay calm in a situation, where there is a biker attacking you, that is the most important thing that you need to do. In these situations, remember that you have an armored car for your safety, and no bullet can enter the car and all you need to do to keep safe is focus on the path forward and escape.
    If you are stressed, and don’t know what to do, breathe in and out, and then focus just on the strategy that you are using to escape the situation.
  • Know How to Maneuver the Car-: Turns, balancing your vehicle while taking rough turns and at the same time, getting through obstacles are something you should know prior to taking your armored car out there for a ride. Often, when you are attacked you will not find a proper route to escape and you’ll need to apply these skills to get out of the situation.

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