Must-Have Android Apps

There are billions of stars in the sky. But your pinky finger has more atoms than all the stars you may see in a nighttime sky. In an equal way, Google Play shop has tons of apps. If you’ve started using this sea of apps, we recommend you look at the six must-have apps we’ve defined underneath.


Do you want to experience analyzing comics on your telephone? If so, visit the Google Play Store and check out Comics. This app is an asset of Comixology and offers tons of titles to choose from. It additionally allows you to shop for books. If you have the funds, you may buy many things at Comics.


If you want an app on your cell phone to keep your critical statistics speedy and without difficulty, Evernote is for you. As a count of truth, Evernote is a voice recorder, notice taker, and to-do manager. At first, it could feel overwhelming, but you could discover smart approaches that allow you to use it. I like the Optical Character Recognition characteristic, allowing you to look at textual content in images.



You may need to check out Google Reader if you are an avid reader. But you have got something higher at your disposal. It would be best to visit Feedly, an immensely versatile platform. The app allows you to analyze smoothly. So, if you have been seeking something stylish, you may strive for the Flipboard.

Google Drive

While Google Driver is a great choice for a cloud garage, it can be nicely used as a high-quality cellular office suite. With this app, you can access your documents no matter where you’re in the world. With your Android device, you can create text, spreadsheets, and presentation docs comfortably.

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You want a unique, complicated password for your apps and sites. To make this activity simpler, you could use LastPass. With this app, you may create a particular and complex password for every website or app. When you need to log into a certain app or site, LastPass will fill in your consumer name and password. This app is a terrific gift for you, especially if you are a forgetful man or woman and remembering passwords is difficult to crack.

PicsArt Photo Studio

If you want to enhance work on your telephone, you could need to download an app from the Play Store. But we permit you to with this. You might also want to check out PicsArt Photo Studio. This utility offers effective filters and gear. Moreover, if you are partial to Instagram, the app will assist you with a percentage of your creations and fans.

So, when you have just bought a new phone and need to check out some greatly beneficial apps, we advise you to take it slow and download the six apps described above. You may not regret your choice. The paid ones also are well worth every greenback spent.

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