How to get more than 5000 apps on your TV

People in India generally love to watch TV. From watching live cricket events, news channels, and serials to movies, devotional media, and more – there is a huge demand for TV. Naturally, this demand has also been met with a steady supply of channels catering to various age groups and genres. But recently, the general cable TV network has started to lose ground, thanks to the rise of smart TVs. People realize the benefits of having a smart TV, so they are shifting.

TCL 32" Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV - 32S330 | TCL USA

Why have smart TVs become this popular?

A smart TV is much more than just a TV for its viewers. It provides users with a smart ecosystem, making controlling or navigating the TV much easier. To delve a bit deeper, here are some of the benefits of having a smart TV:

  1. A smart TV has an operating system (OS) inside it. The OS makes the TV function while making things easier for viewers.
  2. Smart TVs also have a lot of capabilities, with voice control being one of them.
  3. They enable viewers to binge-watch movies and shows on OTT platforms. At the same time, you can also access regular TV channels on a smart TV. You can get the best of both worlds with a smart TV.
  4. The overall picture and sound quality of smart TVs are also quite an upgrade; you can feel the difference when you get one.

However, getting a smart TV is not as easy as it sounds. They can be quite expensive, so we think it is better to get a smart DTH set-top box instead.

Will a smart DTH set-top box help me get over 5000 apps?

Of course! Amongst many other benefits of getting a smart Android set-top box, you will also get access to more apps. How? Since AndroidAndroid powers the set-top boxes to the Google Play Store. Here, you will find thousands of apps of various genres that have been specifically modified to ensure you can experience them fluently on your TV. Hence, you can now play games on your TV, read e-books, and more.

You all also get the Chromecast feature. Thanks to this, you can cast content from your smartphone to your TV wire. Both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and Chromecast will do the rest.

Now, if you are impressed with the features of a smart set-top box, you might start looking for one. And if you ask us, we think the Airtel Xstream smart set-top box takes the cake here. It has all the features mentioned above and a few more. Therefore, get your DTH new connection from Airtel Xstream and enjoy the full experience of a smart TV today!

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