Facebook ‘Fake News’ Program Needs A Special Button

Apparently, our mainstream Frett Board  media and important search engines like Google and Yahoo or even Facebook need to censor politically right-leaning speech. That’s exciting thinking about that the complete idea of the Internet was to foster unfastened-speech, expression and loose-questioning thoughts – nicely, I guess now it nevertheless does so long as those messages are left-leaning, politically accurate, and innovative. After the 2016 Presidential Election, many humans ask; How come the TV media got it so incorrect with the polling effects? How come the Internet giants replayed that same message? Why are the major holders of records the usage of excessive propaganda techniques to mold society into a few kind of mindless Borg?

Hard to mention why, however it’s far glaring that some want to restrict the political competition and march on with the time table of Sustainability, Political Correctness, Equality, and Global Socialist Mandates to all residents of the sector – including ours. It turns out that Facebook will try to do away with what they remember to be Fake News and permit customers to “flip-in” questionable news to be in addition scrutinized and reality checked. Fact checked by means of whom? Simple – fact-checked by way of mainstream media and leftist political hacks. Wow, a lot for helping users get at the truth – whatever that doesn’t trust a leftist agenda might be flagged and flagged.

Isn’t this what the left flow media did in the course of the election? Isn’t that why Hillary Clinton misplaced despite the fact that the Clinton News Network and propaganda device become running full-tilt to prop her up as the so-referred to as “maximum qualified” and experienced candidate, even as refusing to investigate her corruption and the backroom deals to defeat her combatants like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? Isn’t Mark Zuckerberg the (so-called) founder of Facebook a large Democrat Party supporter? Are we to truly believe that one of these reality checking schemes goes to supply us ‘actual information’ – you recognize like all that BS from the Cable TV mainstream news all through the election?

mark-zuckerberg-facebook-election-donald-trump.jpg (2400×1350)

It’s quite apparent that if Facebook is capable of quell right-wing political dissent closer to the worldwide socialist elite and Democrats then maybe they could have a risk in destiny elections. Realize too that Mark Zuckerberg has political aspirations himself, and Donald Trump simply showed him how it’s miles carried out. Face it Facebook is set to censor our information and pick out and pick out what we examine. So, I think we should call for that Facebook listing all of the information that they put into the Fake News junk field and customers need to have the opportunity to subscribe to simplest that which Facebook would not like, due to the fact ultimately this is in which the actual news will be based totally on this scheme of theirs.

Sandy Ryan
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