Common Misconceptions About Church Tech

Church Tech is not new. The idea that NetWork Posting the use of technology in the church is somehow wrong, useless, or unparalleled is a false impression. God’s human beings have usually used era, too, in addition to the kingdom. Perhaps the confusion comes from the definition of technology. Technology may be described as using clinical knowledge for sensible purposes or programs.

What Is Church Tech?

Church Tech, then, can be described as the use of methods, procedures, or expertise to achieve the dreams and tasks of the church. Three exquisite examples of the use of technology are located in the Holy Bible: Noah used technological processes, methods, or expertise to construct the ark to maintain the human race.

David defeated Goliath with a slingshot, which became an excessive-tech weapon in his day. Solomon used the satisfactory era available to him, in the shape of stonecutters, carpenters, silversmiths, and surveyors, to build the temple. So right off the bat, you can throw out the misconception that:

1.”The church does now not use Technology.”

One of the finest makes use of generation become the software of the printing press to mass-produce copies of the Holy Bible. Johannes Gutenberg was considered the inventor of the printing press. Used technology to mass-produce books and quickly spread knowledge in fifteenth-century Europe. The Gutenberg Bible is an early use of church tech to unfold the gospel.

2. “Older congregants will not embrace technology.”

This is a typically held perception-based, largely on assumptions. Not only is this not authentic, but a look by Dunham and Company showed that online giving amongst the ones over 65 became the same as that of these more youthful. Senior Americans have traditionally been past-due adopters of technology. But in step with the Pew Research Center. Seniors are embracing technology at a surprising fee. In 2013, 59% had been internet users.


3. “Technology may be our trouble.”

Technology itself isn’t awful, but it also is not foolproof. It’s all in how it’s far applied. The hassle comes when church tech becomes a choice for human interaction. People and church buildings require a physical connection and human interplay for survival. Church Tech needs to encourage and enhance, but not replace, the human a part of the church enjoys.

4. “All technologies are created equal,” and five. “It doesn’t price anything.”

Because of the open-source era, tools and apps are increasingly loose or at a meager cost. This does not suggest that there is no price concerned with the improvement and use of this generation. Generally, we do not recognize the time, hard work, and checking out involved with the development, no longer to say assist and updates.

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Just because you pay for something doesn’t assure a sturdy generation or bring more inherent price or functionality. Price does not constantly indicate worth. Tight church budgets require a plan. That plan now calls for time, such as cooling and regular monetary sources. Church Tech Should Mean Enhancement, Not Replacement. Church Tech can beautify; however, it ought to no longer update exact old-style Christian fellowship. As with anything, you must proceed with a plan and correct stewardship in mind.

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