X Theme: How To Make A WordPress Website Responsive Design

In this educational, I will Top Theto walk you through the X Theme For WordPress. By the top of this series, you’ll discover ways to create your very own fully responsive WordPress internet site that is integrated with BuddyPress, bbPress, and other important plugins to preserve your website online, working like a nicely-oiled system and guard against spambots.

The X Theme is one of my favorite subject matters for WordPress for many motives. I will name some. X has four completely designed Stacks that you may spark off with an unmarried button click. X Stacks are also referred to as WordPress Templates. These stacks are the start line for your layout. All four Stacks serve a unique purpose and could work independently for diverse enterprise fashions. It can be completed as much as you need to determine what Stack is proper for your commercial enterprise desires.


1. Integrity
2. Renew
3. Icon
4. Ethos

Integrity offers a clean, sleek layout with pinstripe shadowing round factors and borders throughout the format. I, for my part, use this Stack for my web page as it conforms sincerely well to the Online Marketing Niche. Renew offers a flat design that is present-day and targeted at functionality and color depth. This is a first-rate Stack if you are looking for a present-day yet elegant design in your commercial enterprise.

The minimal icon design uses particular elements to set it apart from the alternative Stacks. Hero strikes a chord in my memory of Apple or a website focusing on imagery and low distraction factors. This Stack looks high-quality in any format. However, my favorite is the left header format and the sidebar constant at the right. Ethos is best when you have an enterprise focused on magazine-style layouts. This Stack may be exact in the way it provides blog posts and widget content.


Ultimately, all 4 Stacks offer the ability to have your Header role as Pinnacle static, pinnacle fixed, left header, and proper header positioning. This makes the X Theme a powerhouse for customizing options to your wishes. X is also optimized for pace with each line of code. I have examined several issues with Google PageSpeed Insights, and the X Theme is well-optimized, making me a happy camper.

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X gives 40 shortcodes you can use to add lovely functions to your WordPress pages. There are so many amazing shortcodes, but to focus on a few.

1. According’s
2. Tabs
3. Colored Container
4. Content Band
5. Killer Buttons
6. Columnize Content
7. Animated Counters eight
. Custom Headlines nine
. Featured Headlines
10. Text Highlighting eleven
. Social Sharing
12. Icon Bullet Point List thirteen
. Tooltip Popups
14. Promo
15. Protected Content sixteen
. Responsive Lightbox
17. Table Of Contents

and much greater!

X Theme Offers Integration with BuddyPress, bbPress, and a Wide Range of Extensions. Unlike most issues in the WordPress market, X is incorporated with BuddyPress and bbPress. This is extraordinarily critical if you need to run a social community on your website.

I love how easy X has made it to set up. With a few clicks and simple configurations, your WordPress web page may be geared up for the huge leagues. Ultimately, you may be able to run more than one board, non-public messaging, buddy requests, social corporations, and lots more using the X Themes extension accessories.

You will not need to worry about having sufficient features with the X topic. Everything you need to run your online business is just a few clicks away. I would love you to enroll in my podcast on iTunes if you need to watch my motion pictures on your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet. Feel free to leave a sincere overview so I can better serve you in the future.

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