Tips to Overcome the Fear of Driving for the First Time

Are you new behind the wheel? If so, chances are you have a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. For the novice drivers, feeling afraid of driving for the first time is not unusual. In fact, driving for the first time can be a frightening experience to a point where you may almost give up. Though the fear is real, the good news is that there are things you can do to feel more confident about driving.

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Driving is not just about memorizing the road rules and proper driving techniques. To gain mastery in this skill there are a few things to consider when you have your first experience behind the wheel. Before you actually drive a car, you need to prepare yourself by learning how to take care of things that might come up on the road and know more about the car you’ll be driving.

First and foremost, all the first-time drivers should consider taking a driver’s education course to learn safe driving practices that will last you a lifetime. You should have basic knowledge about the vehicle you will be driving, like where the indicator is located, and how other functions are operated. Get comfortable in the driver’s seat and find all the basic controls, such as the lights, blinker, horn, and pedals. Adjust the seat height, mirrors, and make sure there are no distractions. Now, as you’re set to take the ride, keep the following tips in mind to overcome your fear and anxiety of driving for the first time.

Keep calm and do not over think the situation

For every novice driver, the biggest stress is to focus on so many things. Since driving requires multitasking, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. From remembering all the road rules to keeping a watch on road signs, it is important to clear your mind and focus on driving. Overthinking the situation will impede your concentration.

Drive at a familiar road and avoid highways

For beginners, it is best to drive around their neighborhood or on a familiar route. Don’t get nervous with other drivers around you and always drive at your comfortable speed. In the beginning never get overconfident to hit the highways. Only when you start to get comfortable in the driver’s seat, move onto bigger and busier roads.

Have an expert with you

When you have an experienced driver sitting in the passenger seat next to you, driving gets less scary. An expert is better able to guide you during driving and can help in identifying and rectifying your mistakes. This is the reason why a pro driver always assists new learner during a driving learning course.

Be alert and leave enough space

It is important to pay equal attention to cars in front of you, as well as, behind you. You need to be watchful of changing traffic conditions by focusing on vehicles coming from any possible side. Moreover, to avoid rear-end collisions, always make sure to maintain a gap from the car in front of you. Such accidents are quite common and can be avoided by leaving sufficient space behind the car in front of you.