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GENEVA: The father of murdered blogger Yameen Rasheed inside the Maldives accused police Friday of looking to cover up the case and appealed to the United Nations for research. Speaking to AFP on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council, Hussain Rasheed said he had come to Geneva “to raise my voice the world over and to place stress on the authorities to gain justice for my son.”

“I think the UN can assist us in this,” he delivered. Choking tears again, the 54-year-antique recalled seeing the frame of his son, who had been killed hours earlier at his domestic in Male via unidentified attackers. “My son became very brutally murdered,” he stated, shaking his head and pointing out that the 29-year-old antique blogger “had so many wounds, it changed into hard for me to remember.”

Yameen Rasheed, who poked fun at the Maldives’ politicians on his weblog, The Daily Panic, was located in the stairwell of his Male apartment building with more than one stab wound to his chest and neck. He died in the clinic. He had lodged lawsuits with the police regarding demise threats he had obtained in December, but they were now not taken critically.

The authorities of the Indian Ocean archipelago have promised an investigation into his demise, and police closing month commenced making arrests. Still, activists say they doubt those detained are truly in the back of the killing. “They have seven human beings below arrest now who may also or might not have been related to the murder, but we don’t agree that any of these humans are the people in the back of this,” Rosanna Ocampo of the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development told AFP.


“I am not trusting the research,” Rasheed said, adding, “I suspect that the police are trying to cover up the case.” He charged that the Maldives police had acted suspiciously, washing down the scene of the crime and having the blood-splattered wall repainted.

He claimed they also prevented everyone from taking images and had no longer wondered all and sundry in the construction. Asked why police would intentionally botch the investigation, he stated: “The government is not in a democratic direction proper now; it’s going towards a dictatorship.”

His comments came a day after Adam Azim, the brother of jailed former defense minister Mohamed Nazim and one of the few vocal dissidents in the United States of America, was arrested. Earlier this week, 30 international locations announced the Human Rights Council’s criticism of the Maldivian regime, calling on the United States to recognize basic freedoms.

The statement additionally urged President Abdulla Yameen to ensure justice for Rasheed’s killing. Within the last five years, he became the third media figure centered within the troubled archipelago country. Blogger Ismail Rasheed narrowly escaped the loss of life when an unidentified attacker stabbed him in 2012. A journalist with the impartial Minivan News, Ahmed Rilwan, was possibly kidnapped in August 2014 and has been missing ever since then.

Blogging Tools: The Importance of Video Equipment for Bloggers

To have the weblog, this applies in today’s market area; I assume having a text is insufficient. Writing a blog submission simplest in phrases limits your readership’s potential to eat your content. Because a few human beings like to study, a few like to listen, and a few want to see matters on video, another tool to have is possibly a video camera. In many instances, human beings today have a completely advanced video camera right in their pocket with their clever smartphone. It’s pretty enough.

You don’t even make investments in the unique, devoted video camera you would need; however, you usually bring one with you in your pocket. I advocate you operate it more often. If you have a cellular phone or clever phone centers, take it out more regularly each time you experience it, like you have a fantastic concept for a blog post, teaching your subject matter, location, or anything.

Because now is not the handiest, it can be a superadditional, greater statistic for your readership; however, you may even install a video blog. Frequently, you are offering updated video content material that you are for yours. That’s something several people are doing quite effectively. They may be having hundreds of thousands of humans watch their motion pictures for extra time.

In terms of direction, simply having a clever cell phone is insufficient. You should have the proper enhancement software to edit and add your films to video-sharing sites, including YouTube or Vimeo. You need to add extras like an introduction or ending or music heritage. Something that can not be delivered properly for the benefit of your smartphone right now.

You could have straightforward tools on your PC, and at the same time, as you educate people in the video, you upload this video to your computer and edit the video content material right there. Then, after you’re equipped, you could add the final video and edit the video to the video platform you pick, such as YouTube. Where doubtlessly, loads of heaps of people can watch your vlog. Remember that video content takes up numerous areas for your camera, smart cell phone, and computer.

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