Tech Q&A: What to do when internet keeps cutting out

Question: My Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop with Windows 10 has been losing its internet connection via Wi-Fi. I puzzled if it becomes a Wi-Fi hassle; the PC is 50 to 60 ft from the wireless router and is separated from it by numerous walls. But recently my HP laptop PC has also misplaced its internet signal, and it’s in the same room with the wi-fi router.

AT&T, my Internet provider, hasn’t been able to remedy the trouble. But AT&T previously instructed me that I’m approximately 3,000 feet from their “supply,” about a long way because the internet signal is going. Could that be a thing? In addition, the outages usually happen between five p.M. And 8 p.M. Could they be caused by more people using the AT&T net service at that time of day? What can I do?

Randy Hampton, Destrehan, La.

Answer: The trouble is maximum likely resulting from your AT&T Internet service. But your PCs or Wi-Fi network might be involved.

Here’s why your AT&T provider is probably to blame:

– You are about 3000 toes from AT&T’s “network node,” wherein purchaser smartphone lines on your community connect to AT&T’s fiber-optic network. In most instances, it is the maximum distance for getting a dependable net sign. If your internet sign is weak, it may fail.


– The network node will be overloaded in the early night while your outages have happened. If you and your neighbors simultaneously use AT&T’s internet carrier (or AT&T’s fiber-primarily based TV carrier if it’s provided to your area), that would reduce off a susceptible net connection.

Here’s why the trouble is probably in your own home:

– The PC that regularly loses its net connection probably has the weakest Wi-Fi connection due to the space and the wide variety of walls between it and the wi-fi router. In addition, the computer wasn’t designed to run Windows 10 (see tinyurl.Com/ycwuhdg7). While the laptop can also have labored nicely until now, new Windows 10 updates might have induced problems.

– TVs to your household is probably the usage of too much of your internet potential for streaming video.

What are you able to do? If the difficulty is AT&T, you may get a unique internet issue or use the internet at an exceptional time of day. To see if the hassle is in your private home, move the Pc toward the router and keep away from TV streaming whilst using PCs. Consider buying a new Windows 10 PC.

Question:: I used it to listen to a preview of an MP3 track before buying it on Amazon.Com. But now, the sampling option is not available for maximum songs. I actually have the equal hassle whilst the use of the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser. What’s incorrect?

Ernesto Barba, Colorado Springs

Answer: This problem has reappeared several times in the beyond four years, possibly due to Amazon and browser software program modifications. There seems to be no unmarried repair. However, attempt changing the settings inside the Chrome browser.

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