Sony PlayStation 4 Review

The last years have seen an awesome boom in gaming console recognition. We see that besides the mounted users of consoles, plenty of human beings are converting ordinary from the “appropriate or'” PC to a gaming console.

Now, this takes place for some of the motives. The important cause is that a whole lot of exquisite games now have exclusivity to 1 console or another, deliver the better multiplayer experience and in spite of everything a mental dissociation between running at a computer and separate gaming, relaxed for your couch together with your buddies or circle of relatives.

Last 12 months we have been offered with terrific promises of next technology gaming enjoy. But did it supply?

Well, allow’s assessment one of the main gaming consoles, Sony PlayStation 4 and notice for ourselves.

Compared to PS3, the PS4 is a purebred gaming console, having better hardware, narrow design and new controllers to satisfy even the most disturbing needs.


sony-playstation-4-hd-image.jpg (1920×1200)

The PS4 is slim (simplest 12.01×10.Eight×2.09in), sharp, light weighted, with smooth traces and is to be had in shades, shiny white and jet black.

At the lower back side, you could discover an HDMI, Ethernet, digital optical audio port (no greater analog audio or video outputs) and, at final, the AUX port for PlayStation Camera peripheral.

On the front, the PS4 has a slot-loading Blu-ray disc power and at the right, we discover USB 3.Zero ports. A line bisects the console integrating the power and eject buttons.

The console’s ventilation is well made and generated little to no noise.

Overall, the PS4 is an attractive, beautifully formed, no longer too massive, constructed with nice materials and it fits perfectly with a modern-day kind furnishings.


On the inside, we found that Sony used a similar configuration to Microsoft. Using an octa-core x86 AMD Jaguar CPU, subsidized by using 8GB GDDR5 RAM, and a Radeon GPU with 1.Eighty four TFLOPS, the PS4 could be very effective and, an important point is that it is developer-friendly.

Also, the console includes a 500GB hard drive for additional storage that can be upgraded.

The PS4 is able to stroll videos or viewing photos in 4K but we do not assume it to run games at this decision.

Thanks to this specs, we determined that the PS4 is normally quiet, occasionally getting noisier (specifically while loading sports discs), it now and again does get heat, however now not above not unusual sense, the games ran easily, the snapshots had been wonderful so we had no grievance on this department.


It appears that Sony heard all the game enthusiasts’ cries approximately the DualShock three and determined to make a stepped forward and better controller.

And so we witnessed the start of DualShock 4.

The controller’s dimensions are 6.Four×2.0×3.9in, it weighs 7.4oz (a chunk extra than it is predecessor) and its layout is quite much like the DualShock three. But make no mistake, DS4 is ways from DS3.

The new controller is lots more secure, no matter the hand size and is lots extra particular. Depending on the order of the games synced to the console, the controller will emit a specific front going through color for each player and the peripheral digital camera tracks the motion of the controller accurately.

The twin thumbsticks are plenty extra precise and having a more concave shape virtually helped the thumbs to now not slip. New most important addition, except the lightbar, cited earlier than, is the speaker, a brand new Share Button, and a touchpad.

The touchpad feels at ease on contact, it’s responsive, clean and basically works like the touchpad supplied on laptops. (Note: We hope that developers will make use more often of this selection as it’s far an exceptional addition.)

The DS4 also has a 3.5mm jack so you can plug any headset at once into the controller.

We’ve visible a variety of people announcing that the DualShock four is the quality controller Sony has ever made and we generally tend to agree, using the DS4 turned into a satisfaction.

Note: PS4 supports manipulate voice input. You can use a microphone or a camera to enable this function.


If any of you owns a Sony TV, you may see the striking similarity among the TV’s interface and the PS4’s interface. It seems that PS4 moved far away from the appearance of PS3 and even as it keeps the predecessor’s interface velocity, the new one is a lot greater flexible.

The predominant traits of the new interface are simplicity, flexibility, and person-friendliness.

Booting up the PS4 is almost at once (from cold it takes approximately 15 seconds) and afterward, we’re offered with a simple to navigate design comprising a 3-degree menu.

The principal menu includes the games you’ve got installed and a few different extra apps, the top menu is a notification bar (indicators, messages, trophies) and at the lowest, the alternatives and updates.

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