Sam Heavens’ work featured in magazines

Mdumiseni Samuel Zulu, also called Sam Heavens, is a progressive and skillful young man from Evander who desires to invent matters that make existence less complicated. He is a neighborhood photographer, emblem expert, and emblem fashion designer. His love for the media enterprise started at a young age while his father delivered home a few magazines.

Sam could quickly go to the advertising phase to look at the numerous designs. He enrolled at Evander High School in 2013, took a gap year, and labored as an invigilator at the Gert Sibande College. He also did carpentry piece jobs to have the ability to shop for a PC to do enterprise on.

Sam’s dream and vision to begin his business grew stronger by using the day. He was stimulated at some point by family journeys to Johannesburg, where he noticed a diverse mix of billboards. “As I turned into strategizing to expand my ideas, all of the memories from my adolescence came back.

“All the minimal, cutting-edge, and easy designs I have been exposed to as a child came to mind, and I desired to do something with them. “It is authentic that the brain stores all the facts, and we just want the potential to get right of entry to that data.” Sam started to take images, and he and his sisters decided to check in an organization, Heavens Holdings.


It is a family enterprise that offers at-ease offerings. “I heard the branding and pictures side of the business. “I remember my earnings were R35 from someone who wanted me to do flyers and designs. “At that point, I still joined GS Sibanda College as an invigilator, so business became gradual, and I also coached myself a couple of tricks.”

Sam’s business flourished and gained momentum in 2015. His photos are featured in magazines and newsletters, including House and Garden Magazine, Kayalami Waterfall Magazine, Sasol events, Osizweni Science Centre events, and Forest Flooring. He said this would no longer have been viable without the help and instructions he acquired from Nocwaka and Andile Langa.

The energetic young entrepreneur has huge plans for destiny and is determined to paint and look to make his dreams come true. “I need to open a massive warehouse where I might be capable of taking photos of the trendy releases of vehicles, including BMWs or VWs. “I see myself as a brand specialist to whom huge brands and companies will come whenever they want to re-brand or do a marketing campaign venture.

I want to do documentary paintings and see my great prints in movies. “I need to be a director of images or a fashion designer of a sure logo in the one’s films.” Sam believes there are numerous possibilities for adolescents in South Africa. He said adolescents must equip themselves with expertise and vital talents for these possibilities.

“We want to do research and know what we do as young marketers. “We additionally want to be armed in something we do; for example, you can not sell a drum kit if you do not understand how to assemble a drum.”” He is a big fan of the song, and in his spare time, he plays Fifa and watches films.

Spending time with his circle of relatives of 8, especially his mom, his biggest notion because she is also an entrepreneur, continues him going. Sam is a committed Christian and thanks God that his father raises his son properly. He is also part of the initiative Bazala Market, a social networking platform for nearby marketers.

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