Mocked-up images include Theresa May as an Orangewoman and in a flute band

THE net has been awash with satirical posts, images, and films poking amusing at the possibility of a Tory authority propped up by the DUP. Mocked-up pics encompass Theresa May depicted as an Orangewoman, a flute band member, and surrounded by hooded loyalists at the inexperienced Westminster benches. One picture of Downing Street shows it with purple, white, and blue kerbstones, Northern Ireland flags placing outdoor – and an RHI boiler being established by using workers.

A photo of a police officer protecting at the doorway to Number 10 is also doctored to give him an Orange collarette. The unlikeliest celebrities and media personalities have also reacted to the DUP’s new position of effect following the election.

On news that DUP leader Arlene Foster is to fulfill Mrs. May this week, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq the day before this, tweeted: “The equal Arlene Foster who met UDA weeks ago days when they’d shot and killed a man in front of his 3-yr-antique in a grocery store vehicle park.”

The publish becomes connected with Mrs. Foster assembly main loyalist Jackie McDonald all through canvassing in Belfast just days after a breakaway faction of the paramilitary enterprise become connected to the murder of Colin Horner in Bangor.

flute band

The London press has also been busy writing ‘Explainer’ articles to give their readers in Britain more of a perception of the DUP and its rules, together with its competition to identical-sex marriage and abortion. A headline on the information website The Independent reads: “Why is the DUP so arguably? The celebration’s stances on abortion, gay marriage, and weather change defined.”

And on the Daily Mirror’s web page: “7 nasty or awkward DUP ideas that display their deal with Theresa May may be a coalition of chaos”. The BBC’s news website even had to explain what it meant by pronouncing the DUPs “pro-union.” Basically, they’re seasoned-union (now not Europe, however, the UK), seasoned-Brexit, and socially conservative,” one article study. And one journalist shared how she had to explain that ‘LOL’becomese now not connected with a parody Twitter account, however, rather intended ‘Loyal Orange Lodge.’

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