How to Replace a Broken Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen in 10 Minutes

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is certainly a beast among flagship smartphones. Its curved Corning Gorilla Glass display makes for a swish show. This is more difficult than it seems. However, it is not absolutely immune from damage. You may comply with the stairs indexed right here to repair it quickly on the off risk that you do shatter your display screen.

The special gear listed can be sold online without problems or rented for an hour or two from a local cellular restore store. You may also want a visual manual to help you discover that you are strange with the format. The steps to replace the broken screen of your Galaxy S7 are stated here.

• Shut down the device and cast off the SIM card tray.

• Heat the lower back of the device with a warmth gun or hair dryer until it becomes too hot to the touch.

• Place a suction cup at the back of the device.

• Pry the lower back of the tool to insert the thin steel spudger.

• Take off the lower back cowl with the aid of sliding the spudger alongside the joints. Insert a commercial enterprise card or gambling card to save you the again cowl from selling lower back up. Do no longer use credit cards as they’re too thick. Slowly take off the returned cowl after the whole facet has been separated.

• Use Phillip head screwdriver to undo the 12 Phillip screws retaining down the rear housing.

• Next, use a plastic separation device to split the pinnacle plastic bracket. Remove the wi-fi charging pad after.

• Disconnect the battery cable, electricity cable, show cable, and the energy button cable.

• Use tweezers to disconnect the loudspeaker module.

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• Pop off all the antenna cables and fingerprint scanner cables.

• Disconnect the earphone connector, the front going through the camera connector, proximity, and the mild sensor connector.

• You can now lift the motherboard and disconnect the charging port connector.

• Remove the rear-going through the camera.

• When you’ve got reached the battery, you can heat it a bit to boost it up with a spudger.

• Undo the 3 screws holding the earphone jack and get rid of the jack and small board connected to it together.

• Use the heat gun and practice some heat on the pinnacle glass panel.

• Gently press the display screen assembly to create an opening between the display and the front meeting. You can use the spudger; however, do now not insert it too deeply.

• Increase the space for the use of a plastic device or commercial enterprise card. You may additionally need to use tweezers to tug across the black adhesive.

• After the adhesive has been cleared, cautiously raise the screen from one side.

• Replace the screen and test the brand new screen earlier than you reinstall the alternative components.

• Now, you have to undergo all the steps backward to reinstall all of the different components. Use a few warmth-activated adhesives to paste the outer assembly together. A special glue is likewise available.

If you have got experience tinkering with electronic devices, the entire process takes less than 10 mins. But even a newbie can complete these steps if they follow the instructions carefully. It can be helpful to refer to images or even motion pictures to get an idea of how to proceed. Now count the number of your stage of enjoying, do not forget to smooth and dry your hands to smooth any dust and dust. Also, ensure that the work floor is stable and dust loose.

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