How to Repair Your Own Samsung Side-By-Side Fridge Freezer

These statistics apply mainly to the Samsung RS21 range of Fridge Freezers. These are the most popular Samsung range of Side-by-use refrigerator-freezers in the UK. The RS21 range of fashions has a commonplace fault symptom affecting the refrigerator segment best. If, like many other owners of this version, you are locating that the refrigerator is getting too warm, observe these easy guidelines, and within seconds, you may know the purpose of this fault.

All fashions of Samsung Fridge Freezers and the RS21 variety have a smart self-diagnosis facility constructed into the manipulate module of every piece of equipment. This self-analysis facility is accessed without problems using the manage panel on the front of the freezer door. This panel includes four buttons and two separate virtual temperature presentations (one showing the temperature of the freezer compartment and the other displaying the temperature of the fridge compartment). Press the two pinnacle buttons of the control panel, preserving them each down together for eight seconds. After eight seconds, you may pay attention to a regular ‘pinging’ sound. Keep retaining the two buttons for one more second, after which release both buttons.

Now, look cautiously at the virtual fridge temperature show (the right-hand pair of numbers) that is right now beneath the two buttons that have been pressed. If there’s a fault with the fridge segment, you may see that one of the strains (that might generally make up the variety on display) is flashing. For instance, the fridge fan motor has failed if the lowest horizontal one is sparking.


The fault referred to above might be the most commonplace, and the spot can be easily and properly repaired without needing an engineer. Spare components for those Samsung models are to be had at affordable fees. If you discover that a distinctive line is flashing on the virtual temperature display, it will imply a unique motive for the fault. If the freezer is faulty, one in every trace of the digital temperature shown for the freezer (the left-hand pair of numbers) may be flashing. Again, every precise line of the freezer digital temperature show represents a one-of-a-kind freezer fault.

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Please observe that the self-prognosis information discussed above might be deleted whenever the refrigerator freezer has been unplugged from the electrical electricity supply. Don’t fear; plug it in again and watch for the fault to reveal itself again. This typically takes place within about 12 hours. Whenever you do this test, after a short time (about 30 seconds), the manipulated panel will automatically come out of this self-diagnosis mode and move again to the normal operation mode.

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