How Can Notaries Easily Follow All of the Latest Notary Related News and Articles?

Allow me to clue you in on one of the most useful equipment on the net. It is my know-how that RSS feed readers are a long way too underutilized by way of notaries. I guess that most notaries do not realize what they may be. Hopefully, after reading this newsletter, you’ll be nice on your manner to an extra knowledgeable future in the mortgage signing industry.

You’ll be satisfied to know that Google Reader is free. So the best investment required is a while. Feed readers have been invented to allow you to save time. If you matter how I used to, you have a lengthy listing of websites you visit daily or weekly. You, in all likelihood, click on each link to examine the latest records. You often go to a webpage that hasn’t been updated, so there’s nothing new to investigate. Here’s in which feed readers are available in handy.

With a feed reader, you can see what websites had been updated earlier than clicking. Not only that, however, but you can also study whole articles properly within your reader. Some, like my website, best provide a preview of the article. Either way, you’ll save time by checking the websites that have been updated and studying the articles that interest you (if you still ought to click on the web page).

There are numerous feed readers available. However, I have even located Google Reader to offer the most comprehensive instructions and ease of use. I recognize it is simple to look at. Some of the other readers are extra cluttered. But, you could continually test out the opposite feed readers for something it is well worth. Look for “feed readers,” and you’ve lots to pick from.

Here are a few step-by-step instructions that will help you live on the pinnacle of the brand new dialogue coming from the best notary forums and blogs:


Create an account with Google in case you do not have one already.
Once your account has been created, you must log in to Google Reader.
Read through the three pages on “Getting Started With Google Reader.”
Still pressured? Read the “Common Questions About Google Reader.”
Now, you have to be prepared to begin including subscriptions.
Here are my subscription hints for mobile notary boards and blogs:

NotaryNetwork.Org (Mobile Notary Network) – This internet site quickly became the most energetic notary network. A great resource for each inexperienced person and veteran.

UnitedNotaries.Org (United Notary Association of America) – Great folks who care about you and provide much beneficial information.

Activerain.Com/companies/nsa (ActiveRain: Notary Signing Agent Group) – A resource you can join by joining the community. This site is up to date in numerous instances in an afternoon and allows networking with different enterprise professionals, including Realtors, loan officers, and loan agents.

Notarygift.Com – Geoff provided many helpful marketing pointers, mortgage report tutorials, and informative interviews. His site is not current but worth discovering for the past content material.

Notaryzine.Org – While this web page is new, several first-rate articles are already featured. This is any other site you can participate in and contribute to articles.

Many more first-rate cellular notary public sources (I offer hyperlinks to most of them on my website) are available, but they don’t have RSS feeds (or, as a minimum, I cannot find them). If you frequent a notary internet site with a meal not listed above, please allow me to recognize it. I’d love to add them to the list. Also, if certainly one of your favorite resources does not provide an RSS feed, malicious program them till they do. Then let me know!

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