Can The Galaxy S8 Really Function As A Work Computer?


Quite some humans, in particular, freelance writers along with myself, have lengthy used our smartphones as secondary computer systems — I estimate that extra than half of the heaps of labor emails sent in 2016 were typed on a mobile tool. Heck, I’ve even posted a Forbes publish completely on a cellphone.

But Samsung is taking the telephone-as-laptop element to every other level with Dex, a US$150 dock that turns the Galaxy S8/S8+ into a fully-practical PC (although a few third-party sites, like Mobile Fun, are promoting it at inexpensive at US$one hundred thirty).

To get started, you’ll want the Dex, a Galaxy S8/S8+, a TV or monitor that helps HDMI input, an HDMI cable (now not covered inside the Dex bundle), a USB-C strength supply for the Dex (essentially a charger for the S8), a mouse and keyboard. So if you’re retaining music at home it truly is 5 extra portions you’ll want. If you are the use of a stressed keyboard and mouse, you’ll want USB-A ports, which the Dex offers in the back of the tool (at the side of an Ethernet port). I opted for my Dell Bluetooth mouse/keyboard blend that best wishes one USB dongle.

The first time you plug in the S8 the Dex will guide you via a brief set-up, and after that, you’ll be taken to a desktop set-up that resembles a regular Mac laptop. At the bottom of is a “dock” with some of your apps, and scrolling through them brings about this Mac-like animation in which the highlighted app grows in length. The app tray is located at the left corner, where the Windows “start” button would be. Whatever custom launcher/app icon you have selected in your S8 disappears here — the laptop uses Samsung’s inventory icons and look

ordinateur-de-bureau-pc-1456070535WEH.jpg (1920×1276)

Most 0.33 party apps you open could be cellular variations of the apps — which means it opens as a small vertical rectangle — but a few, like Gmail, appear to have been optimized, ensuing in a much wider field that indicates an extra plane of records. Samsung’s very own apps, along with the calendar, and internet browser, have been optimized for the huge display screen experience. Most app windows can be resized or moved across the laptop.

When I’m using the S8 as a smartphone I use Chrome as opposed to Samsung’s own internet browser, however, at the Dex, it’s really worth sticking with Samsung’s own. It’s faster and smoother, and masses webpages in the desktop format as opposed to mobile. I opened plenty of apps, which includes the Forbes CMS on which I’m penning this proper now, with none troubles. The internet browsing enjoys on the Dex is in most cases marvelous, except it does not aid Flash, so a few pages might not load.

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Because the Dex is simply your cellphone strolling on a monitor/TV, you may of path send messages like Whatsapp direct from desktop. You may even make calls. But the Dex dock covers the S8’s headphone jack so that you’ll have to pair the device to a Bluetooth speaker or simply deal with certainly crappy sound out of the S8’s mediocre unmarried speaker.

I am at the fourth day of the usage of the Dex as a laptop, having written multiple movie critiques and currently this publish, and the general enjoy is a nice wonder. The S8 come what may runs smoother as a laptop than as a cellphone (that is laggy and slower than, say, the OnePlus 3T or Huawei Mate nine Pro), however in the long run, it can not evaluate to the usage of a great computing device.

There are a few no longer-so-minor insects right now that should be fixed with time. The Spotify app will no longer run, and also you cannot replica text off the Gmail app. It hasn’t gotten within the manner of my work revel in but, however, if these insects are nevertheless there a month later, that’ll be some other tale.

Overall, the Dex works as advertised. The S8 can indeed be a work PC, as a minimum for newshounds and writers. If I changed into, say, a picture dressmaker or video editor, then the Dex wouldn’t fare as nicely. But the big query is, will we really want this element? As cited in advance, you need a keyboard and mouse to run the Dex, and in case you personal a keyboard that means you already own a computer. So beneath what situations could you need the Dex? The simplest one I can consider is in case you’re a commercial enterprise visitor and you like to travel very, very mild — the S8, Dex, a small keyboard, mouse and HDMI cable is all you would need to work at the inn (you’ll ought to use the hotel TV as show