3 Things AI Can Already Do For Your Company

AI and artificial Intelligence are already in so many things that we use daily, from Alexa, Siri, and the SATNAV in your car to targeted ads on social media and Google searches. It is also prevalent in many businesses, from data collection and analytics to automated emails. Whether you realize it or not, AI is already a part of everyday life and is only set to increase. This article will look at three ways AI is or could be assisting your business.

Three Types of AI in Business

AI has three main capabilities when it comes to supporting the needs of businesses:

  1. Data analysis helps your company to gain valuable insights.
  2. Automating daily business processes, saving time and money.
  3. Communicating and sharing information with customers and employees reduces stress and waiting times.

Data Analysis

According to analytics company SAS, “Algorithms detect patterns in huge amounts of data and interpret their meaning. These machine-learning applications give cognitive insight into the data gathered and help companies predict market trends, create those personal ads we discussed above, and protect both the company and the customer from fraud.”

AI-assisted data analysis casts a wider net when collecting data than a human analyst could ever hope to do. More detail in the reporting enables predictions and comparisons to be achieved quickly and in-depth over time.


With certain machine learning technology, the human brain’s activity can be mimicked, recognizing patterns in customer activity. The available data can then be used for more in-depth analytics. This means that what would once have been a highly labor-intensive activity is now done in a matter of minutes. Thus saving both time and money in the analysis of data.

The applications of the AI-gathered data and its subsequent analysis are virtually endless. The machine-learning technology can help create ads based on this information directed to your target audience. Production can be improved in many areas, especially for machines’ tasks. Audits and analyses are carried out at such a high speed that anything from contracts to ordering the right medications can be done efficiently and effectively.

Automating Daily Processes

The most common types of automation are typically found in back-office administration and financial activities. Activities such as gathering customer information and transferring it to their files. Email communications that are automated while also being targeted to the right people. Updating customer files with address, phone, or service provider details changes. Routine and daily tasks can be carried out easily by automated processing. Perhaps one of the most significant things is the fraud detection and prevention applications carried out routinely and continuously.

Communication with Customers and Employees

The use of AI greatly enhances customer service call centers. A chatbot can gather any necessary information and put the customer in touch with the relevant service agent. Or they may answer the queries. These can be anything from reporting and replacing lost credit cards to making payments.

Intelligent Agents can help patients receive the right medications, make specific dietary requests from their hospital bed, or update their records. Long call waiting times are reduced, as is the customer’s frustration. Call center staff are less stressed because their workload is reduced, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks. Perhaps most significantly for customers, the automation of certain customer service activities gives them 24/7 access to help.

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