5 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

Nowadays, your social media presence is even more important. Since many businesses have moved online, f2f meetings, networking, and 121s have dramatically reduced. Will we ever get back to those days? However, this means we need to focus on our online, which means social media and presence. Consistency is key – on different levels, as identified below.

1. Consistency in look

If people look at you on different platforms, they need to be congruent regarding imagery, message, tone, feel, and synergy. If not, they will feel they are looking at different businesses and people. That is not what you need. So, look at the header images and ensure you have the same/similar ones on all social media platforms. It is representative of your website in colors, words, and imagery. Then look at your Bios and ensure they are consistent and represent you and your business.

2. Consistency in message

As above, one voice on your social media platforms. Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Is it you talking? This is so important when you get on calls, zooms, etc., and the other person feels they are talking to the same person. Language is particular to individuals. Using certain phrases and words, even down to your sign-off on emails, blogs, etc. Always ask yourself – is this me talking?

Social Media

3. Consistency in posting

Michelle from Virtual Hand says, “Being visible is the key to being found. Being visible ensures you are seen.” One post daily on most platforms is ok (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram); however, Twitter is far more (nearer the ten marks). This is down to the speed at which these platforms and individual feeds move.

4. Engagement

This is how we are seen more! Creating that engagement with our posts means others will see it on their feeds (contacts of your contacts). That doesn’t mean using ‘clickbait’ words or images of puppies all the time – however cute they are. It’s about creating valuable content your audience likes, shares, and comments on. The platforms ‘algorithms work from this initial engagement, so the earlier, the better. If they see the content attracting attention, it will show it more in people’s feeds. The circle of engagement!

5. Variety of content

People consume content on a variety of platforms and in different formats. Sharing your content in a variety of ways will then appeal to many more people. This doesn’t mean creating humungous amounts of content, but it does mean repurposing your content differently. For example, a blog, which is usually text, can be repurposed in the following ways:

Vlog – record the blog onto a video.

Voice recording – extract the voice only for a podcast

Images – create memes with key points for sharing

Posts – create extracts for social media posts and add them to share with images

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