12 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Cut Calories and Lose Weight

Do you know you can cut upto 500 calories from your daily diet without realizing it? You won’t feel deprived, but you’d still lose weight, almost a pound per week. Here is how to stick to the strategy and drop pounds with little effort.

Eat with your non-dominant hand.

Research says that environmental cues govern our appetite as much as our hunger. In a study, when asked to switch hands when eating, people tend to eat less when eating with non-dominant hands. The reason was that their usual eating pattern was disrupted, and thus, they cultivated mindfulness with their meals.

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Hit the mat

Stress changes how our body metabolizes food and hence makes us fat. Being stressed, we tend to burn around 15 calories less per hour. Thus, even a 10-minute de-stress yoga routine may help you lose up to 10 pounds a year without realizing it.

Lose Weight

Pop a prune

Overweight participants in a study by the University of Liverpool shed an average of 4.4 pounds in 12 weeks when fed 5 ounces of prunes daily. The high fiber content in prunes helped them remain full for a long.

Snack in the afternoon instead of the morning

With the interval between breakfast and lunch being much less than lunch and dinner, a mid-afternoon snack makes way more sense than a mid-morning snack. Hence, skipping mid-morning snacks can help cut down calories.

Ignore the words low-fat.

Though attractive on grocery store shelves, low-fat labeled items are consumed 50% more than the normal ones due to the belief that we’re eating low-fat. Hence, either ignore the low-fat version or ensure that you stick to the portion size.

Dine with men (Preferably young, handsome ones)

If you’re a woman, a study says you are likely to consume 100 fewer calories when dining with guy friends, as you’d be more self-conscious. On the contrary, you’re likely to eat mindlessly with your girlfriends.

Sniff an apple or a banana.

While the scent of most desserts and bread makes your mouth water, some food scents help suppress appetite. Sniff green apples or bananas; unless you are starving, you’ll likely feel full. These scents make you believe that you’ve already eaten.

Exercise in the morning

You’ll likely be more physically active throughout the day and eat less if you work out in the morning.

Pump up the protein.

Protein takes longer to digest; hence, to eat less, try adding a bit of protein to every meal. Also, your metabolism tends to rise by approximately 20% to digest protein.

Keep cool

You’d burn more calories at colder temperatures than warmer ones. Any temperature lower than your body’s average temperature will make your body burn calories to maintain temperature. Chilled water can have the same impact.

Tidy up

People tend to eat more when in their comfort zone or messy places. A dirty kitchen may make you consume approximately 60 more calories each meal than a clean one.

Turn down the volume.

When you hear yourself chew, you’re likely to eat less. Avoid television or other entertainment sources while eating to cut out the calories.

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